Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management organized a lecture on Next Generation Spectrum Management Challenges

Amity International Telecom Forum (AITF) and Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management organized a lecture on “Next Generation Spectrum Management Challenges” under AITF Expert Lecture Series at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.


Mr. Brian Bisgaad- CEO, Bluetown, Denmark, Mr. R K Arnold- Member, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India TRAI and Mr. Francios Rancy, Director, ITU’s Radio- communication Bureau, Geneva shared their views during the lecture.


Lt. Gen. P. D. Bhargava – Group Deputy Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities & Director General, AITF welcomed the distinguished speakers


Addressing the gathering, Mr. Brian Bisgaad, CEO, Bluetown, Denmark shared that Bluetown is a technology driven company, dedicated to development of innovative, last mile access solutions for voice & data, based on Bluetooth & Wi-Fi platforms. These solutions have very high potential for taking Broadband to the masses in rural & remote areas all over the world.


During the occasion, Mr. Bisgaad announced that Bluetown will give one of its systems to Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering & Management (AITEM) which will be used by students for research & development of other applications. In addition, Bluetown may also use this set up to demonstrate its working to Telecom industry in India.


Sharing his views on the topic, Mr. R K Arnold- Member TRAI stressed that Spectrum has been the focus of constant attention in the context of a significant growth of the Telecom Sector in India in the recent past. Spectrum is being used by numerous sectors including Telecom, Defence, Aeronautical Navigation, Radar Maritime Communication. He remarked that there is lot of scope for further R&D in this area especially as to how spectrum could be used further for human benefit in future. He shared that Spectrum allocation is generally done for Government related and Commercial purposes either through “Market Driven Mechanism” and “Command and Control Method”. He opined that whatever method is used for allocation, the ultimate aim should be public good. Outlining the challenges faced by Telecom industry w.r.t. Spectrum, he suggested that spectrum should be used economically, rationally and optimally; measures should be taken to increase the spectrum efficiency and Spectrum allocation prices should not be too much for the takers. He stressed that if other alternatives for communication are available, then Spectrum should not be used and available Spectrum should be efficiently utilized.


Mr. Francios Rancy, Director, ITU’s Radio- Communication Bureau, Geneva highlighted that the greatest challenge in Telecom is to promote spectrum efficiency. He pointed that still fudging is done to make Spectrum available to mobile companies. He opined that Government and Regulatory authorities should re-allocate spectrum to emerging commercial purposes rather than for Government services which should use latest technologies to make efficiency of Spectrum better. He suggested that there should be clear legal framework for allocation of spectrum and government should use Spectrum in a way which is best for society on the whole and promotes international harmonization.


Also present during the occasion were Mr. Kuldeep Goyal, Former CMD, BSNL, Mr. P K Garg , Former Wireless Advisor, Govt of India, Mr. N K Goyal, Emeritus President, TEMA & CMAI, Mr. Peter, COO, Bluetown, Denmark and Mr. Tom Sebastian, Senior Commercial Advisor- Innovation, IT & Clean Technology, Embassy of Denmark, India.

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