Amity Law School organises guest lecture by Ms.Shilpa Singh, Director Metamorphosis on Resume preparation and GD handling techniques

Amity Law School organised guest lecture by Ms.Shilpa Singh, Director Metamorphosis on Resume preparation and GD handling techniques.The speaker holds immense experience in recruitments related to Law graduates of good companies like Thomson Reuters, Metamorphosis etc.

She gave good tips to law students which helped the students to prepare themselves for upcoming placement and corporate interaction.


Session was focused on resume writing and group discussion handling techniques. A few of the important tips shared by her are:


·         ‘Would you call yourself for an interview’ should be the aim while drafting your resume. Resume is your branding and you need to sell yourself in job market.

·         Resume should have chronologically arranged education details

·         Give details about your work experience and internships.

·         If you have any break in career or could not take any internship during some period than list it your resume honestly. Share your holiday break experience so that the employer can find more about your personality.

·          References in the resume should be properly given with due care to provide their contact details. Also try to communicate with the reference that you have given his name in the reference column. It helps them to be prepared for reference call.

·         Try to give cover letter by name of the HR Manger. You may take their names from concerned front office of the firm.

·         Write the name of the reference in the subject line while attaching your resume. It helps the HR to have an image about you.

·         To understand your strengths practice writing a two paragraph autobiography. This activity was conducted in the workshop and students enthusiastically participated in it. Speaker insisted to develop analytical thinking and logical thinking among the students.

·         She also discussed with the latest case of Malaysian Airlines crash and how it affected the Airlines Legal environment. The exercise helped the students to understand concept of analytical thinking and about joining the dots to develop current affairs knowledge.

·         She put emphasis on the ability to communicate with clarity.

·         She also discussed the type of questions and various types of interviews for the fresh law graduates.

·         The students were asked to practice a 30 second introduction before going for an interview. They were advised to have mock trials with their friends and taking corrective actions.

·         She asked the students to be prepared to reply what are their future plans for next 5 years. This type of questions is usually asked in the interviews.

·         Students should prepare the homework of finding about the company before appearing for the interview.

·         To be nervous is quite normal. One should practice for emotional and physical control and should try to help himself from getting out of the situation.

·         Students were finally advised: ‘TO HAVE A CHOICE TO BE EXTRAORDINARY’

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