Children from Amity Riding Academy won 15 medals at Delhi Horse Show and Excellentia E-Quest Horse Show

Children from Amity Riding Academy (students of Amity International Schools) participated in the Delhi Horse Show (DHS), Delhi Cantt. and Excellentia E-Quest Pvt. Ltd. Horse Show at Vasant Kunj, New Delhi and won a total of 15 medals.    The details of medals are as under:

 1.         Delhi Horse Show (30 March – 6 April 2014)

 Name of Child                                Event                              Medals won

 Master Angad Singh                       Hacks                            1 Silver

                                                    Ball & Bucket                  1 Bronze

 Master Aran Kumar                        Stick & Ball                    1 Bronze


2.        Excellentia E-Quest Pvt. Ltd. horse show (12 & 13 April 2014)

 Master Adhiraj Kumar Chauhan       Pole Bending                    1 Gold

(Son of Shri Aseem &                     Ball & Bucket                   1 Bronze

Smt.Divya  Chauhan)

 Master Angad Singh                       Hacks                                1 Silver

                                                    Ball &Bucket                       1 Gold  

                                                    Dressage                             1 Silver

 Master Anmol Singh                       Pole Bending                     1 Gold

                                                    Ball & Bucket                      1 Bronze

 Master Aranjay Chaudhary          Hacks                                    1 Gold

                                                   Dressage                             1 Bronze

 Master Aryan Kumar                      Hacks                                1 Gold

                                                    Pole Bending                     1 Silver

                                                    Ball & Bucket                      1 Bronze

Heartiest congratulations to all the medal winners, their parents and Grand parents!   Master Adhiraj Kumar Chauhan, son of Shri Aseem Chauhan and Smt.Divya Chauhan, who was the youngest and first time participant deserves special 'shabash' and felicitation.

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