Short Term Culinary Art Programme for Students of Amitasha

Amity School of Hospitality conducts the two-week Short Term Culinary ArtProgramme for the students of Amitasha at Amity Campus, Sector 125, Noida. Wearingchef hats and aprons, 26 girls of class 8th, 9th & 10thparticipated in the training programme to get hands on training on cooking andbaking skills.

*Amitasha is an initiative under the kind benevolenceof Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International Schools; Amitashaprovides free education, uniforms, books, meals and healthcare tounderprivileged girls.

The programme is to provide opportunities for students tocook and learn about nutrition in a fun, safe and happy environment. Chef R.K Bhatt, Asst. Professor, AmitySchool of Hospitality and Chef Pramod Pathak, Bakery Chef, Amity School ofHospitality would provide culinary art lessons to the students.

During the inaugural session, Chef R.K Bhatt said that initially during the first session, wewill focus more on the introduction to the food items and demonstration. It isvery important for students to know the right names of the ingredients, cuttingstyle and preparation method before trying to cook food.

Talking about the training methodology, Chef Pramod Pathak said that we will be providing skill based teachingin which the students are divided in two groups so that every student can learneffectively. He further added that the training programme is deigned to makethe learning fun and easy for students. After this workshop, they can cook manydelicious items with simple ingredients at home.

Considering the summer season, the cookery training wouldinvolve more of cold dishes like soups, summer salads, dips and sauces. Whilesome interesting dishes like pasta, bread roll and macaroni are also includedin the menu. In the bakery part, the students will learn various desserts likeJam Tart, Cookies, Handmade Chocolates and Cakes.

Enjoying the workshop, Anushka, from class 9th,said that today we learned to make Pasta Salad and Vegetable Salad along withproper slicing of vegetables, presentation on plate and serving trick. It is apleasure to be a part of the workshop.

Attending the bakery lessons, Deepa, class 9th, said thatI have a penchant for cooking and enjoyed baking Jam Tarts and Soft Bread Roll.The teaching style of chef is very easy and entertaining. They are alsoproviding us with the details of the ingredients and their importance in therecipe. 

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