Amity University pioneers in launching "Online Paralegal Programme"

With the advent of new strategies of doing business, India's education system has also witnessed a paradigm shift in the process of learning. Keeping this in view, Amity University and Indian Academy of Law & Management (IALM) have inked an MoU to jointly introduce for the first time in India, a course on "Professional Paralegal Certification".  

Today's world has seen the delivery of goods & services to consumers being the result of interface between Business and Legal functions. We cannot do businesses without being on the right side of Law. Every mature organization realizes that it has to file its taxes; indulge in transparent accounting; bring in corporate governance; contribute to society; import & export goods/ service and at the same time protect & enforce its Intellectual Property, without which, no organization can survive bitter competition in the global market.

"Paralegal Certification course by Amity-IALM will systematically and professionally help corporate departments, such as Legal, Finance, Human Resource, Insurance, Real Estate, PR & Media, Intellectual Property, Government Affairs and Compliance." says Maj Gen Nilendra Kumar, Amity Law School, Noida.

A Paralegal expert understands, strategizes and executes modern day corporate functions and understands the business as well as the "right" way to do the business legally.

"While Lawyers are always good at drafting policies and meeting escalations, the management & execution of policies are left to Paralegals in any organizational function" says, Dr. Pinaki Ghosh, Associate Vice President -IP, Reliance Industries.  

While western countries and developed economies already have organized institutions, certifications and well defined career paths for Paralegals, India always lacked such an educational stream with highly lucrative career paths. India with its huge educated youth population needs to nurture and provide alternative income streams and recognition to its well deserved student community.

"Amity University's pioneering initiative of launching the Online course in Paralegal will enable the candidates to learn professional paralegal skills anytime, anywhere through interactive teaching & learning process. The program is fully online & digital, comprising interactive sessions from renowned legal exponents. The course offers 15 days guaranteed internship with leading law firms and interviews using IALM & partner law firms, post its completion" says Dr Manoj Sharma, Director, Amity University Online.

For a paralegal expert, there are several job and career opportunities in India. Paralegals are required and can be hired by individual lawyers, law firms, courts and judiciary system, public prosecutor offices, NGOs, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs), Corporations, In-house Legal Departments, Intellectual Property Departments, Finance, Banking, Insurance or in the Debt Recovery sector. All Paralegals are essentially taught and trained to do the process oriented work in an efficient, legally right and in a policy driven manner, by using modern technology tools.

The current course on Paralegal Certification is multifaceted and offers to train students in IT-tools and Software Management, Litigation in Courts, Real Estate Transactions, Intellectual Property Management, Corporate Contract Handling, Managing Litigations, Doing IPR filings, Debt Recovery Categorization, E-Discovery, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs), Banking, Finance and Insurance related process.

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