Mr. Shekhar Dutt, IAS and Former Governor Chattisgarh visits Amity University and addresses the new entrants to Law programmes at Amity Law School, Noida

Mr. Shekhar Dutt, IAS and Former Governor Chattisgarh visited Amity University and addressed the new entrants to LAW programmes at Amity Law School, Noida during their "Orientation Ceremony" at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.

The distinguished speaker was welcomed by Maj. Gen. Nilendra Kumar-Director, Amity Law School, Noida.

The erudite speaker, while addressing the budding lawyers, stressed the importance of Law in a Democracy. He averred that Law sustains and binds people together. India is a country of diversity; each state has its own culture, language etc and it is the Constitution of the country which assures equal opportunity and justice to all. He shared that in a democracy, Law is a vehicle of change and therefore, enactment of various laws should reflect the aspirations of the people. Good Governance and sustainable development are possible only through rule of Law.

Mr. Shekhar Dutt stressed that Legal system should be transparent and independent in order to ensure speedy and timely justice to the citizens of the country. He added that Right to Information Act has brought remarkable changes. He quoted, "It is the knowledge to use laws and not guns that wins the battle." Referring to the SATYAM fraud and its legal proceedings, he called for judicious, quick and correct enforcement of Law in order to avoid being designated as "laughing stock of the world."

He motivated the students to work hard and brace themselves for an enormously rewarding Career of a Lawyer. 

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