Open House Interactive Session on “What can we learn from Sports” held during AIC lecture series

Amity International Centre (AIC) organized 173rd AIC Lecture in the form of Open House Interactive Session on the topic “What Can We Learn from Sports” for the purpose of enhancing virtues, qualities, capabilities and capacities for optimum utilization of one’s own potential.

Shri K.S. Bains, IAS (Retd), Director General – Amity Institute of Training & Development, Lt. Gen B.K. Bopanna, Director General – Amity Indian Military College, Dr. Kalpana Sharma, Director – Amity School of Physical Education & Sports Sciences, Prof. (Dr.) Marshal Sahni, Dean – Students Welfare  and Prof. (Col.) Kaisar Singh – Amity School of Engineering & Technology were the panelists.

Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group was present during the interactive session.

The vision of Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group on the theme of the interactive session was that “If a mountaineer is aiming to reach to the peak/summit of the Himalaya/ Mount Everest, then at the last stage, before reaching to the peak, one has to stretch one’s full energy, all available capacities and capabilities, use the wisdom, the vision and the strategy to the fullest.


Having reached up to that stage amply shows that extraordinary capabilities are already available, now, one has to hone them further for the last onslaught/attack/strike and so is the situation of the Amity. With sincere efforts, dedication, loyalty and hard work, we have reached to a stage of success upon which one can be greatly proud of.

The following sports were discussed by the panelists during interactive session :

1.      Cricket

2.      Football

3.      Hockey

4.      Basketball

The session was followed by a Question and Answer session wherein the Directors/ HODs/ Institutional Heads, Scientists, Researchers and faculty members of Amity posed a volley of questions to the speakers.

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