Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management conducts Orientation Programme for B.Tech – E&T , M.Tech – TSE & OEOC and MBA - Telecom students

Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering and Management conducted an Industry Orientation Program for B.Tech – E&T , M.Tech – TSE & OEOC and MBA - Telecom students on 7th Augsut 2014. A lecture session was organized on the topic – Growth in Telecom and Opportunities for Freshers which was attended by the new entrants and the final year students of all the above streams.


Four Senior Professionals from Industry were invited to present their views on above mentioned topic. The session started by welcoming the panelists followed by a speech by Mr. Sachin Sharma – Head of Talent Acquisition , India & China at Lava International. He represented the Telecom Handset domain and spoke at length on penetration of smart phone devices among enterprise mobile workforce in India which will cross 64% by 2015


 Next speaker of the session was Mr. Sandeep Saxena – Head of Solutions Management at Nokia. Mr. Saxena opined that Growth in telecom industry is a multi-dimensional phenomenon and the students need to develop key competencies and skills to grab the opportunities

 Key competencies the students should acquire are :

·                     Strong technical skills

·                     Strong management skills

·                     Strong business & analytical skills

·                     Strong project & program management skills

·                     Strong communication skills and

·                     Strong inter-personal skills


Third speaker of the session was Mr. Akshay Mathur – Vice President , Non Voice Services , Tata Teleservices Ltd. Mr. Mathur spoke on how telecommunications has taken over our regular day-today activities of our lives. Sectors like Banking , Education, Entertainment, Health Care , Automobile will be hugely dependent on Telecom Engineerins and Management Graduates in times to come. Employability will no more be confined to only Telecom Companies but will extend to all the other sectors as well.     



Lastly Mr. Sekhar Sahay - Director HR Global Services , at Ericsson started his session with  daily usage of  Telecom Services. The increasing usage of digital services influence consumer expectations on future offerings. Connectivity is fully integrated in daily routines. Consumers rely strongly on apps to communicate, find information, socialize, stream videos, listen to music and get news updates and navigate throughout their day. A fact that is relevant for any location, in whatever situation or context in consumers’ lives. New Needs arises and today customers seek :


a)                  Instant access everywhere - To suit their on-the-go lifestyles, users expect to have access to an array of services on demand and in real time. They want to be connected around the clock, no matter where they are or what device they use.Busy work/life schedules require instant access without waiting for pages to load or calls to connect. 


b)  Customize my world –  Consumers are at a risk of information overload and  relevance has never been more important. People increasingly welcome the idea of getting personalized services  that suit their lifestyles. 


c) Assisted productivity - In a world of meetings, appointments, consumers will look to their digital services to help them manage and coordinate their schedules. Consumers want peace of mind and to free up their time to allow them to concentrate on more important things, safe in the knowledge that they will never forget or miss out 


d) Enhanced togetherness - In their busy lives, friends and family will increasingly rely on technology to keep in touch, wherever they are. Technology-assisted social activities are expected to continue in the future, and people want these services to become more seamlessly embedded into their lives 


e) Consumers in control - Consumers want to be in control of their connected lifestyles, keeping track of spending, data usage and information updates. For instance, consumers will continue to shop and buy online in order to save time hassle and money. Safe payment models as well as to get reassurance that they have the best possible deal, whether shopping from home or using digital services while shopping in a store will be important 


f) Location based me - Consumers express the need of getting information relevant to where they are at the moment. Also, people will look for new opportunities related to what they can “do” with the environments and people around them, such as getting information and interaction


Event was concluded with a brief Q&A round followed by presentation of mementos by Lt. Gen. P. D. Bhargava – Group Dy. Vice Chancellor & Advisor AITEM.

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