Experts from Fashion Industry Shares the Insights of Fashion World with Amity Fashion Students

A galaxy of industry speakers from reputedretail stores, export houses & design companies visited at Amity Campus,Sector 125, Noida to address the new batch of Undergraduate students on thetopic of "Expectations of the Fashion Industry from YoungProfessionals."

The speakersincluded Mr. Deepak Chakravarty, VM,Adidas India Marketing Pvt. Ltd; Mr. Anil Kumar, Business Manager, Lifestyle InternationalPvt. Ltd.; Mr. Rajiv Mishra, GM-Sales & Marketing, Artizen Décor ; Mr.Rakesh Rahar, Area Manager, Puma; Mr. Niket Mishra, Designer, Niket &Jainee, Ms. Astha Behl, Shradha Designs; Mr. Rajeev Bansal, MD, Celestial KnotsPvt. Ltd; Mr. Salil Chawla, Director Marketing (Inside Fashion), DFUPublications and Mr. Ayan Banerjee, Fashion Designer.

Welcoming theguests, Dr. (Prof.) Pradeep Joshisaid that it is an honor to host the eminent industry experts to share theknowledge with the budding professionals. Sharing his conviction he expressedthat the new entrants will gain an insight and deeper understanding of thefashion industry in terms of Designing, Manufacturing, Distribution,Rretailingand even, Marketing.

Elaborating onthe Merchandising and Operational Jobs in Fashion Industry, Mr. Anil Kumar said that RetailIndustry is about providing great customer experience which is achieved throughindepth knowledge of fashion trends and consumer behavior, want & need. Hefurther added that operational jobs are challenging and require the person tobe updated about the industry all the time, while, Merchandising is a differentrole but on similar lines and is about allocating stocks to stores accordingthe target audience. Mr. Kumar called upon the students to observe the displayof different stores whenever they visit the market or mall as it will help themin their career.

Mr. Deepak Chakravarty talked about hisjourney as a designer and then, switching his profession to a VisualMerchandiser.  He said that the role of VisualMerchandiser is both creative and fast-paced which requires the person todevelop three-dimensional displays that is appealing and helps in maxamizingsales. He further added that as the industry is growing, Visual Merchandiser asa profession has a goodcareer scope.

Highlighting theupcoming market of e-commerce, Mr. RajivMishra said that it is very essential for a fashion student to be creativeand also to know the trends and market dynamics of Fashion Industry. Mr. Mishraadded that when Fashion as industry is taking shape, technology cannot be leftbehind and with the growth of e-commerce industry, a very small budget andsetup is required to start one’s  ownventure through e-retailing.

The otherspeakers also shared meaningful highlights of the industry, their personal experiencesand their thoughts on what it takes to succeed in the profession

The seminar wasfollowed by an interactive session during which students asked pertinentquestions that were efficiently addressed by the speakers.

Huma Khan, a student of B.Sc in Fashion and Communication said that she isvery elated to attend the seminar as it has been very informative. She furtheradded that she is thankful to the faculty for conducting this seminar as theeminent personalities of the industry shared their experiences and guided thestudents.

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