Amity confers Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) upon Prof. (Dr.)Ted Bianco- Founder, Technology Transfer Division, Wellcome Trust, UK

Amity University Uttar Pradesh organized a Special Convocation” atUniversity Campus, Sector-125, Noida to honor Prof. (Dr.) Ted Bianco with the Degree of Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) Honoris Causa for his exceptional vision, deepcommitment to research, propagation of Scientific inquiry, continuous exemplaryefforts in innovating technology, strategic vision in pursuit of excellence anddedication to the good of humanity.


Prof. (Dr.) Ted Bianco founded the Divisionof Technology Transfer in 2002 at Wellcome Trust with the primary goalof translating basic research into health products and public health tools inareas of unmet medical needs. He leads a team of business development analysts,lawyers and administrators who, together with independent experts, provide duediligence, governance and oversight to manage a project portfolio approaching£1 billion. Prior to joining the Trust, Ted spent 25 years in Biomedical researchspecializing in tropical medicine and infectious diseases.


Mr. Aseem Chauhan- Chancellor, Amitydeclared the Special convocation open.


Addressing the gathering, Dr.Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group said that it’sa momentous occasion for Amity when a great Scientist, an Achiever parexcellence and a real go-getter- Prof. Ted Bianco is being honored withDoctorate Degree (Honoris Causa). Sharing the aim and mission of his life, Dr.Ashok K Chauhan shared that he wants to make India a “Superpower by 2030”through Research and Innovation and Amity University the best University in theworld. He stressed that Prof. Ted Bianco is an inspiration and motivation forall the Researchers and Scientists of Amity who are a distinguished fraternity targetedtowards specialized Research and Innovation.


Accepting the Honorary Doctorate Degree inScience, Prof. (Dr.) Ted Bianco thanked Amity University for acknowledging his efforts andcontribution. Sharing his views, he said that it is people who do things;people who in collective groups are called organizations. Those collectivegroups are capable of doing profound things when there is an underlying vision,good intent and motivation.  He appraised the gathering that the corevalues of Wellcome Trust focus on people who are encouraged to create a networkfor building inter-disciplinary models at Wellcome Trust. Commending India,Prof. Bianco said that every year, India is increasing its aspirations,improving the wellbeing of its people and increasing its power to change theworld. He lamented that human beings have abused the planet far too long andthe need of the hour is people who could look at this problem especiallyclimate change mitigation objectively and expressed his hope that Amity would playa big role in this direction through integrated thinking. He advised the peopleto never put an end to the learning in their lives. He opined that lecturescould be the biggest legacy for the students who are motivated to rethink andthink beyond through lectures. He remarked that whatever Wellcome Trust does inIndia, it hopes to do much in India and with Amity, it will still be a drop inthe bucket compared to the power of this nation when spurred into action. Hecommended India as the biggest democracy on the planet with a hunger to dowell.


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