“Mathamity 07- a two day Annual Mathematics Competition” organised at Amity International School, Noida

Under the impeccable guidance of Chairperson Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan, Amity International School (AIS), Noida organised “MATHAMITY 07- a two day Annual Intra Class Mathematics Competition” at AIS, Noida. “MATHAMITY”, organized under the aegis of ACEM (Amity Centre for Excellence in Mathematics), aimed to promote exceptionally high standards in Mathematics and motivate students towards application based learning. It was a Symposium meant for students of Class XII and an Exhibition on mathematical skills in which students from Nursery to Class XII had displayed their talent.

The two day Exhibition and Symposium was inaugurated by Dr. B.D Acharya- Advisor, Ministry of Science and Technology. Eulogizing the efforts of Amity Schools, Dr. B.D Acharya in his address stated, “True to its philosophy Amity is nurturing the talents of the young inquisitive minds by providing them a platform to showcase their amazing, innovative and ingenious skills.” He appreciated the different and interesting ideas picked up by the students for presentation. Elucidating the omnipresence of Maths in the universe, he said, “where there is order, there is Maths; where there is general law, there is Maths. Maths is a contribution by people from every walk of life. Zero was discovered by merchants and was later on used by Aryabhatta. Indian Women especially those of Southern India discovered graphs in the form of “Rangoli’s” they made daily outside the houses.” Opining about the poor state of education in India, he said that the curriculum is getting tougher day by day and less impetus is laid on imagination, creativity and free thinking, which is a matter of great concern. A unique concept like “Mathamity” is providing a vent to the students to think and bring out their inherent creativity.

Dr. Amita Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity International schools lauded the students and staff for making “Mathamity” a grand success. She praised the students for their creativity and ingenuity in capturing the essence of mathematical concepts and hoped that the exhibition and symposium will promote high standards of excellence in Maths and will help the students to explore the magic of numbers.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Mohina Dar- Principal, AIS, Noida stressed upon the need to motivate students towards application based learning. She stated that the objective of “Mathamity” is to review the fundamental concepts of maths in a creative manner and make learning enjoyable and interesting.

The exhibits of the Primary wing took on colorful hues as it focused on fundamental concepts in Maths and Geometry. The displays in the Middle and Senior School highlighted the interface between Maths and Science and Maths and Social Sciences. The senior students made interesting presentations on contemporary topics including” Golden Ratio”, “ Currency Valuation” , “ Astro Maths” and delved at length into the inter- relationship between Maths and Economics, Maths and Music and Maths and Astronomy. Original and fresh insights into the application of Maths concepts were provided by the participants.

The talent of the participants was judged by erudite teachers from different schools of Delhi and Noida including Ms. Anjali, Ms. Rama Shriniwasan and Ms. Anita from Ahlcon International; Ms. Savita Hansal and Ms. Nivedita Laxmi from Delhi Public School; Ms. Archana Lal and Ms. Seema Jaggi from Army Public School and Ms. Mridula Kak and Ms. Sushmita from Sumerville School.

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