Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes National Seminar on Emmerging Trends in Materials and Processing Technology

Report on National Seminar on “Emmerging Trends in Materials and Processing Technology 

India is on a growth path and has embarked on a new journey towards  developing a global manufacturing hub through “Make in India” programme launched by Government of India. As stressed by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor in his message, it is necessary that we must keep innovating new and alternative material  processes and technology  to have a  global competitive advantage. Keeping this in mind as well as the focus of the present day researchers and industries, a two-day National Seminar on “Emerging trends in Materials and Processing Technology” was organized by Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University Madhya Pradesh at Gwalior Campus on 11-12 November 2014. The Organizing Committee Members of the National Seminar are:

(a) Lt Gen VK Sharma, AVSM (Retd)  - Chair Person

(b)  Dr Bikram K Bahinipati - Organizing Secretary

(c) Dr Dershan Lal Sapra - Joint Secretary

(d) Dr Manisha Singh - Joint Secretary and

(e) Dr Pankaj Kumar Mishra - Convenor

Day-1: 11 November 2014.The seminar was inaugurated on 11 November 2014 which was Chaired by Honorable Vice Chancellor Lt.Gen. V.K. Sharma AVSM (Retd.), the Guest of honour of the session was Prof. Dr. V.K. Jain, a distinguished Scientist and Professor, who is currently the Director of Amity School of Renewable Energy, Noida. During the Key note Address delivered by Prof. V.K. Jain on “Applications of Micro and Nanotechnologies” he stressed on need to develop  a new class of next-generation sensors by using carbon nano tubes for chemical sensing and biomedical applications. This was followed by an invited talk delivered by Dr. N Satish a senior scientist from Advanced Materials and Processing Research Institute Bhopal. In his talk entitled “2D Materials Processing: Challenges and Opportunities in Graphene Commercialization”, he stressed on graphene as a key material of the future. He outlined that the research efforts over the past decade made significant reduction in production costs and proposed simple methods and solutions in dealing with commercialization of graphene technologies. This was followed by invited talk deliveredby Dr.O.P.Sinha, Amity School of Renewable Energy, Noida. In his talk entitled “ Role of Nanomaterials in OLED’s, he stressed on  different methods used in synthesis of nano materials and role of nanomaterials in Organic light emmiting diodes.

Day-2: 12 November 2014 The day started with an Invited talk by an eminent Scientist Prof. Darshan Lal Sapra, of Amity University Gwalior. In his talk entitled “Processing Technologies for Engineering Materials’ he  stressed on correlation of science, engineering and technology of materials to understand the application of material processing.  This was followed by a Key Note address by Dr.T.Shripathi, Scientist H from UGC-DAE  Inter University Consortium Indore. His talk was entitled, ”Review of some Characterization work carried out on Materials of Technological Importance”. He stressed on importance of  Physics and Chemistry in understanding processing of materials and hence tailoring of the properties of materials. His talk included hydrogenated carbon nitride for low k applications; semiconductor films for optoelectronics, sprintronics, high k applications; chalcogenide and chalcopyrite films for photovoltaic applications; polymers for various applications and iron oxide nano structures. He informed the enthusiastic Researchers about the experimental facilities available at the Inter University Consortium which can be availed by university researchers. It was followed by Special talk on, ”A Microfluidic Sensor for Total Cholesterol Detection”delivered by Dr.Ved Varun  Agrawal  from National Physical Laboratory, New-Delhi. Dr. Agarwal  focussed  on the applications of microfluidic systems for the development of biosensors . He outlined that the research work on the synthesis of novel materials, metal oxides and carbon nanomaterials and their utilization in the fabrication of microfluidic biosensors are vital for mankind.

 Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation Sessions

 The National Seminar was highlighted by overwhelming response of the participants through their contributions in Research Papers for Oral and Poster presentations. The review committee selected 15 quality papers for Oral Presentation and 35 papers were selected for presentations in Poster session. The Oral presentations session on the day one (11 Nov) was chaired by Prof. P.Rajaram from School of Studies, Jiwaji University Gwalior and on day two (12 Nov)  Oral Presentation session was chaired by Prof. D.C.Tiwari from School of Studies, Jiwaji University Gwalior, Poster presentations were also Judged by Prof. D.C.Tiwari. The Best Papers for Oral Presentations were awarded jointly to Girish Kumar Sharma  and B. Santhi Bhusan for their Papers entitled "Study of the Effect of Material Variation on the Performance of Tunnel FET” and  “Size Dependent Structural Stability of Hexagonal BAs Nanowires ” and  Best paper for Poster presentation was awarded to Aman Gupta for the paper entitled, "Graphene  Synthesis and Future Applications.”

Valedictory session

The valedictory ceremony for National Seminar on “Emmerging Trends in Materials and Processing Technology was held on 12 Nov 2014. This session was chaired by Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma AVSM (Retd.). The Chief Guest of the function was Dr. T.Shripathi  from UGC-DAE  Inter university Consortium Indore. A Brief Report of the Seminar was presented by the organizing Joint Secretary of the seminar Dr.Manisha Singh, which was followed by the concluding remarks by the Chairman and Chief Guest of the ceremony. The certificates   were  distributed to all  the participants. The vote of thanks was proposed by the organizing secretary Prof. Bikram K. Bahinipati of Amity University Madhya Pradesh.

Faculty members, students, participants and members from print and electronic media were present on the occasion. The two day Programme was conducted in the seminar hall of the University.

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