Far Eastern University, Philippines visits Amity University to Explore the Possibilities of Collaboration

Amity University organized apreliminary meeting with Far Eastern University, Philippines, to explorepartnership opportunities between the two Universities. A high-level delegationfrom Far Eastern University visited the campus today.

Thefive member delegation was led by Prof.Dr. Joel M. Chavez, Dean of Institute of Arts and Sciences and accompaniedby Assoc. Prof. Dr. Adalbert M. Alcaide,Associate Dean, Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Assoc. Prof. HaroldJohn D. Culala, Institute of Education Director, Office of Education Technologyand Asst. Prof. Allan L. Lagrosa, Institute of Architecture and Fine Arts.

Welcomingthe guests, Dr. Gurinder Singh, GroupAdditional Vice Chancellor Amity University said the Amity Universitybelieves in providing quality education and training to the students. Mr. Singhapprised that Amity is keen on collaborations for establishment of Joint Centreof Excellence, Exploring possibilities of academic tie-up for semester abroadprogramme, Sponsoring Internship, Joint Supervision of PhD Programmes and Jointfiling of patents. He further added that the partnership will be a goodopportunity for the two universities to share education and trainingexperiences.

Addressingthe gathering, Prof. Dr. Joel M. Chavez saidthat Far Eastern University sharesthe similar vision as Amity of cultivating a campus environment that is committedto cultivate a culture of excellence in academics and beyond. He further addedthat similar to Amity, Far Eastern University also believes in providingcomplete holistic development of its students. He praised the infrastructure,atmosphere and culture of Amity University. Sharing his views on areas ofinterest, Dr, Joel said that Far Eastern University is willing to establishcooperative relations in the field of India Immersion Programme, StudentExchange, Research Collaboration and establishment of space for CurtinOfficials in Amity University and vice-versa.

Themeeting was attended by Senior Officials, HOIs, faculty and staff of AmityUniversity. 

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