Swachh Amity Abhiyan at Amity University Jaipur

Swachh Amity Abhiyan, 14th to 19th Nov.-2014


1.      As a followup of Government of India Swachh  Bharat Abhiyan and “Swachh Bharat-Swasth Bharat”, we at Amity University Rajasthan Jaipur also took up a similar Abhiyan i.e. Swachh Amity Abhiyan from 14th to 19th Nov to coincide with Pandit Jawahar  Lal Nehru 125th Birth Anniversary i.e. 14thNov. and 19th Nov. being  Birth Anniversar of Indra Ghandhi. The program on 14th was integrated with Architecture Day in which Brig. (Retd.) G.S. Rathore, OSD to Chancellor and Coordinator of Swacch Amity Abhiyan made a presentation giving an over view of our abhiyan to all.  This was followed by a talk by PVC on life of Jawahar Lal Nehru, followed by a brief talk by our students Mr.Archit Arnav, B Tech SE III Sem. & Her all Vishaal – B. Tech ECE with asmall video clipping. A  Leaflet on our abhiyan is attached.

2.    The conduct of abhiyan in the campus with officers incharge of areas of their responsibilities was as under:-

a.     15th-16th Nov.:- The cleanliness of Hostels mainly inside by hostellers under the supervision of Director Hostel & his staff was carried out and approx 50% Boys and 60% Girls participated and did a satisfactory job.

b.    17th -18th Nov. The cleanliness of respective Academic Blocks of by students under the supervision of HoIs/ Directors/HoDs and admin supervisors was carried out. Over all a good abhiyan carried out.

c.     19thNov 3 to 5 PM : the mass Swachh Amity Abhiyan was conducted as under:-

      (i)        Area from Main Gate along the boundary DG Set, Academic Block -1,Old Hostel H-2, up to staff quarters was well coordinated by Director ABS, and Director admin in which about 10 faculty members and 150 students of academic block -1 participated and did a good job.

    (ii)        Area lake including amphitheater and rear track was under the responsibility Registrar in which his office staff, accounts staff and library staff along with 100 students and housekeeping staff participated and did a good job.

  (iii)        Areas outside the Hostels, riding school and rear of SRC building was attended by Director Hostel along with 100-150 students and housekeeping staff and did a good job of clearing the garbage and shrubs.

     (iv)        SRC building under supervision of Director ASH, along with 50-60 students and housekeeping staff participated and did a good job.

       (v)        Rest general open areas of the campus not included as above like sport grounds, new sport complex, green belts in front of academic blocks and areas along the roads etc. was conducted Dy PVC G. K. Aseri, Mr. Ashish kumar, Ms.Poonam Chaudhary along with 100 students and housekeeping staff and did a good job.

     (vi)        Amity House 14, Gopal bari in City as confirmed by Director Admission that they carried out normal maintenance satisfactorily.

   (vii)        Dy. Director ASCO Assisted by Mr. Avinash Kumar & Mr. Abhishek with their team covered the photography, Video and Media Coverage of the abhiyan and a few selected pictures, newspaper cuttings and leaflet are attached.

  (viii)        (Assit. Prof.) Ms. Ritu Bhal gave a brief talk on the inspiring life of Ms. Indra Gandhi, the former Prime minister of India on 19thNov. being her birth Anniversary. 

3.    The aim of abhiyan was to start with a token participation of our students in abhiyan and  educate them and the  faculty to bring home the basics as under:-

a.     Do not litter around in the campus and if any one seen doing so please tick off him/her loudly giving the right message.

b.    If you see any rubbish/garbage anywhere in the campus please pick it up and put it in the nearest dustbin.

c.     Be volunteer to take active part in every organized Swachh Amity Abhiyan with  a matter of  pride to keep our campus neat and clean at all times.

d.    To create sense of belonging of our campus and keep it continuously clean at all times with sense of contentment.

4.    The Core group of Swachha Amity Abhiyan to assist the coordinator was  as under:-

a.         Prof. Jitendra Singh, Director architecture ASAP

b.        Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Singh Dahima, Dy. PVC  

c.         Mr. Sanjiv Singh Bhal, Procter

d.        Col SPS Shekhawat , Director Security

Student Coordinators:- (Chief Coordinator Students– Ms. PoonamChaudhary)

S. No.

Name of Student

Branch/ Sem.

Mobile No.


Siva Rathi

B. Tech MAE,VII Sem.



Shreya Agarwal

B. Arch, VII Sem.



Shreya Charndra

B. Tech ECE,VII Sem.



Pradeep Baniwal

MBA, Ist Sem.



Arjit Tyagi




Shipra Sharma

B. Tech CSE  V Sem.



Rajpal Chaudhary

B. Tech MAE,VII Sem.



Sourav Kumar

B. Tech CSE,VII Sem.



C Kavya

B. Tech Chemical, V Sem.




B. Tech MAE, VI Sem.




B. Tech MAE, VISem.



5.        The Hon’ble Vice Chancellor and Pro Vice Chancellor were conducted by the Abhiyan Coordinator Brig. (Retd.) G. S. Rathore all over the  campus from to 3 to 4:30 PM where in they interacted with the students, Faculty and others and they expressed their complete satisfaction on the job well done.


With Warm Regards,

Brig.(Retd.) G. S. Rathore

OSD and Coordinator 

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