Young students display innovative methods and technologies to resolve modern day problems during Regional Science Fair of Indian Science & Engineering Fair (INSEF) at Amity

Amity’s Children’s Science Foundationorganized Regional Science Fair of Indian Science & Engineering Fair (INSEF)at Amity University, Sector- 125, Noida wherein 14 schools across India participatedincluding Manavsthali School, Rajinder Nagar; Sachdeva Public School, PitamPura; Maharaja Agarsen  Public School, Ashok Vihar, Meera  NiketanGandhi Vigya Mandir Sardarshahr, Basic Public School Gandhi Vidya Mandir ;Parasrampuriya Gem International School, Jaipur and eight Amity InternationalSchools located in Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi and Gurgaon.


Fifty one innovative projects were displayed during the day longfair including “ Electric Energy for torch throughbody temperature”, “Natural pesticide for Agriculture”, “Automatic RationDistribution Machine”, “Automated Pet Water Reservoir”, “Wonder glue fromwaste”, “Efficient Solar panel”, “Ripening of mangoes through natural ways”,“Mixture of diesel and water as potential future fuel” and others.


INSEF is a program conceptualized byScience Society of India to provide a platform for school students from class6th to 12th to demonstrate their scientific temperament through projects inareas such as Energy, Engineering, Environment, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,Maths, Behavioral Science and Computer Engineering & Science


Dr. K Murlidharan, Director, Materials,DRDO; Mr. Narayan Iyer- President, Science Society of India, Dr. WSelvamurthy-President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation, Dr.Madhu Phull- Advisor, Science Communication, Amity International Schools alongwith the Principals of Amity Schools awarded the best projects during theValediction ceremony.


During the occasion, 8 Silver Medals, 8Bronze Medals and 5 Gold Medals were awarded to Best projects along with 10Special Honor Awards. The Gold Medal recipients that would compete in Nationalsincluded Amity International School, Vasundhra Sector-6, Ghaziabad for theirtwo projects- “Natural Humidifier and Air Freshener”, “Air ConditionalUmbrella”, Manavsthali School, New Rajendra Nagar for the project “AutomaticRation Distribution Machine”, Amity International School, Pushp Vihar for the project“Automatic shifting Road Dividers”, Amity International school, Sector- 46,Gurgaon for the project “Cooling Panels for sun facing walls in buildings”


Welcoming the distinguished gathering, Dr. Madhu Phull- Advisor, ScienceCommunication, Amity Schools thanked Dr. (Mrs.) Amita Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity International Schools to encourage and initiate Sciencerelated projects in Amity Schools which provide a pedestal to the students toshowcase their creativity, talent and scientific temperament. She stressed thatScience is a good slave but a very bad master and if Science is not used in aconstructive manner, it could turn disastrous. She shared that Amity’sChildren’s Science Foundation has been set up to take up frontiers in advanceknowledge and foster scientific spirit along with human values in the youth ofthe country, which is the need of the hour.


Addressing the gathering, Dr.K Murlidharan, Director, Materials, DRDO commended theexemplary enthusiasm of the student participants who very zealously explainedtheir projects to him. He opined that Science as a career is very enjoyable;people pursuing Science keep asking questions and seek solutions to the samethroughout their lives. He motivated the young students to not just think ofScience as a mere branch of study since it gives a power of reason which maynot be lucrative but definitely a satisfying one.


Sharing his views, Mr.Narayan Iyer- President, Science Society of India said that in2014, 6 Regional Science Fairs of Indian Science & Engineering Fair havebeen organized and the National finals would take place in Chennai with theregional level winners. He shared that Indian Science & Engineering Fairaims to encourage and kindle the young and innovative minds to showcase theirideas and research. He stressed that all the participating students may not becomeScientists but research has proved that those good in Science could becomesuccessful entrepreneurs and that is what India needs- successfulentrepreneurs.


Eminent jury members for INSEF included Dr. Biman Basu- Ex Editor ScienceReporter, DST Communication Award Winner; Mr. Arvind Ranade- Physics Scientist,Vigyan Prasar; Mr. Sunil Dubey Researcher, Life Sciences, JNU; Dr. Monica Kaul–Professor, Hansraj College and distinguished scientists of Amity.


Talking about the project on “Prototypeof Electric Hovercraft”, the student innovators- Jaskaran Singh and ShubhamMittal from Sachdeva School shared that a lot of fuel is wasted while travelling ortransporting goods from one place to another and reserves of conventionalfossil fuels are depleting rapidly. They averred that the prototype of ElectricHovercraft designed by them is a multi-terrain vehicle which could be used fortravelling and transporting goods without causing any pollution.

Shramik Rawal and Nipun Garg from AmityInternational School, Noida, while explaining about their project, shared that they havederived a formula which helps to predict the rainfall and hailstorm in ruralareas by using simple principles of thermodynamics and fluid dynamics. Theyrevealed that in deriving the formulae ideas of fluid dynamics are used ie.Bernoulli’s Principle for air.


Ishaan Gupta and Kriti Sharma fromSachdeva Public School have designed Bio-Plastic from Potato and Banana peels, whichis bio-degradable and eco-friendly and a perfect substitute for polythene bags.


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