Confluence of National and International scientists in “International Symposium on Forensic Science” at Amity

Amity Institute of Advanced Forensic Science Research and Training (AIAFSRT) has started a four day “International Symposium on Forensic Science” from August 01, 07- August 04, 07 at Amity University Campus, Sector- 125, Noida. Keeping in view the ever changing and expanding horizons of Forensic Science, the Symposium will focus on the use of Forensic Science in different fields.

Inaugurating the symposium, Dr. (Mrs.) T. Sanchez, President, Indo-Pacific Association of Law, Medicine and Science, Phillipines congratulated Amity University for initiating such a conference where scientists from different parts of the world can interact, discuss and evolve the various new aspects of Forensic Science. Talking about the state of Forensic Science in developing countries she, further, said that the discipline of Forensic Science is lagging behind in developing nations, despite the capacity to acquire contemporary instruments of Forensic Science. The basic crunch is of scientists who can use those instruments and equipments. They need to be trained and educated in the new breakthroughs in the field of Forensic Science. And Symposium like this will be very helpful in nurturing more competence in local scientists.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Sunil Saran- Director, Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation said that Forensic Science is an emerging area offering a fundamental tool to the scientific community, particularly forensic science experts, to speed up the research, application and commercialization of Forensic Science. Talking about the inevitable role of Forensic Science in any society especially for the law enforcing agencies, he said that with the development of science and technology, the criminals also often use different techniques for commission of various crimes within our society. To ensure that the guilty shall not escape and the innocent shall not suffer, the need of forensic science becomes an essential prerequisite on the part of the investigative agencies. Considering the necessity and importance of forensic science, more and more seminars and symposiums should be organized on a large scale which can act as a fertile ground of brainstorming for scientists and experts

Prof. P. K Chattopadhyay- Director, Amity Institute of Advanced Forensic Science Research and Training presented a bird’s eye view of the four day symposium.

Distinguished Scientists from renowned Institutions all over India and world including Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, Germany will exchange their views on the latest developments in Forensic Science. The Symposium will cover a wide array of contemporary scientific topics including Quality Assurance in Forensic Analysis by Dr. Jurgen Henke, Germany and Dr. V.K Kashyap, India; Trace Evidence Analysis by Dr. V.K Goyal, India and Dr. Raka Jain, India; DNA mutagenesis in blood by Dr. Eva Simeoni, Germany; Mammalian poaching cases by Mr. Vivek Sahajpal, India; Sexual Harrasment of Childern in Cyber Space by Mr. Nitin Chauhan; Tobacco use in drug dependent patients by Dr. Sonali Jhanjee; A study of general writing characteristics by Mr. Vikram Chauhan; Suicide in elderly: A Study in South Delhi by Dr. R. K Sharma.

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