Dr. K. Jaishankar-Senior Assistant Professor, Manonmanian Sundaranar University, Tamil Nadu suggests ways to check Cyber Crimes during a lecture on “Protecting Youth from Internet Crimes” at Amity

Dr. K.Jaishankar-Senior Assistant Professor & Member of Manonmanian SundaranarUniversity, Tamil Nadu delivered a lecture on “Protecting Youth from InternetCrimes” at Amity Campus, Sector- 125, Noida.


Dr. Sunil Khatri- Director,Amity Institute of Information Technology welcomed the distinguished speaker.


Addressing the gathering, Dr.K Jaishankar said that usageof cyber space for personal as well as professional communications has becomevery imminent in India. However, he stressed, cyber usage is a double edgedweapon. On one hand, it has heralded a new era of communications; on the otherhand, perils of the misuse of private information have become very muchprominent.


Referring to Norton Report2013 which examines consumers’ online behaviors, attitudes,security habits, and the dangers and financial cost of cybercrime in 24countries , he said that despite the fact that 63 percent of those surveyed ownSmartphones and 30 percent own Tablets, nearlyone-in-two does not take basic precautions such as using passwords, havingsecurity software or backing up files on their mobile device. He further shared from the Report thatover 80 people are victimized under various cyber crimes every minute acrossIndia and seven out of ten adults have been victims of different modes of cybercrime in their life time.


Quoting statistics from National Crimes RecordBureau, India, the speakerhighlighted that nearly 60 per cent of those arrested for cyber crimes-hacking, obscene publications, forgery etc. belong to the age group of 18-30years.


He dwelt upon various forms ofCyber Crimes including Sexual Solicitation, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Grooming,Online Stalking, Cyber Bullying, Sexting and Revenge Porn. He opined that exposure to violentgames and violent videos online desensitize emotions of teens and youth as aresult of which they are not able to understand the pain involved in suchviolence in real world. Enumerating the reasons behind the increase ofinterpersonal cyber crime victimization in the present generation, Dr. K Jaishankar said that lack of awareness of cybercrimes, open nature of the Internet, mis-use of knowledge and information,availability of provocative photographs and videos online, unemployment,psychological problems, growing feelings of jealousy, revenge, selfishness,social status amongst the youth has led to an increase in cyber crimes.


Suggesting ways to deal withCyber Crimes, the speaker called forstrict laws by Government for regulating cyber space and banning of vulgarwebsites, better technology to prevent uploading vulgar photographs, educatingpeople about cyber crimes and encouraging them to come out and report toPolice, if situation demands.


He advised the students to initiate friendships with only known people in cyberspace, change passwords frequently, use discretion before uploading photographson social networking sites and avoid spending too much time on socialnetworking sites since those sites are very addictive.


Studentsfrom Amity Business School, Amity School of Business, Amity School ofCommunication, Amity Institute of Nanotechnology, Amity School of Engineeringand Technology, Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences and other Institutesattended the interesting lecture and posed several questions to the speakerrelated to cyber crimes.


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