Three day workshop on “Management of Water Resources & Sustainable Development” inaugurated at Amity

Amity School of Natural Resources & Sustainable Development has started a three day training workshop for forestry Personnel on “Management of Water Resources & Water Harvesting” from August 02, 2007- August 04, 2007 at Amity University. The workshop is sponsored by the Uttarakhand Forest Department, Government of Uttarakhand.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. B. S. Burfal- IFS, PCCF Uttaranchal who expressed his concern on the scarcity of water and said that water is a natural resource that is finite and cannot be created. It is needed not only for the survival of human beings but also for a healthy ecosystem. Due to population explosion, increasing demands for a better style of living, spatial rainfall, there is a considerable skew ness in the availability of water from region to region in our country. The management of forests in the catchments of rivers and along their banks are of special importance because it is from here that all the major river system originates.

Dr. Ashok Kumar Chauhan- Founder President, Amity University, remarked that efficient use of water is very essential for the survival of human beings. The task of building a national economy to a large extent depends on the development and conservation of its water resources. The need of the hour is judicious exploitation of the ground water and of course its timely replenishment. He lauded the efforts of ASNRSD to have been regularly conducting workshops for better management of natural resources through conservation, sustainable utilization and application of science and technology.

Prof. B K P Sinha- Director, Amity School of Natural Resources & Sustainable Development dwelled on the aims and objectives of the training workshop. Taking about the relevance of the training workshop in the present context he said that the workshop will highlight the various dimensions on which foresters have to think and prepare a strategy and action plan for the better management of available water resources.

The participants of the workshop include Senior Indian Forest Service Officers from the State of Uttarakhand at the level of PCCF, Additional PCCF, CCFs, CFs and DFOs. The resource persons have been invited from premier Hydrology Institutions of the country such as NIH, Roorkee, CSWCRIT, Dehradun, NBRI, Lucknow, BITS, Mesra, Ranchi, IIT, Roorkee and WIHG, Dehradun to share their experiences and views.

The training workshop will cover policies and schemes for water harvesting and conservation practices, water scenario in India and the Uttarakhand, International issues related to fresh water management, application of remote sensing and GIS in water harvesting and glaciology. Some of the eminent speakers on the occasion were Mr. D.C. Das, Soil and Water Conservation, New Delhi; Dr. Sharad K. Jain, Head, Water Resources, NIH, Roorkee; Dr G.P. Juyal, Head, division of Hydrology and Engineering, CSWCRTI, Dehradun; Dr. P.R. Ojasvi, Sr. Scientist, CSWCRTI Dehradun.

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