AUH-IIW National Seminar on Welding Technology Organized by Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Gurgaon


Prof P B Sharma, VC AUH inaugurated the event and asserted that the future of welding technology lies in solid state fusion or without adding the filler metal.

Dr. Pradeep Paul from IIW is basically a man from industry and he spoke about  Automation in Welding. Dr Rahul Chhibber from IIT Jodhpur is an academician and researcher and he spoke about Welding of Dissimilar Materials.

At the end of the seminar a few key takeaways were suggested for the students and the faculty members. These were:Automation of Welding, Welding of Dissimilar Materials, Glass to Metal Seals,Fracture Mechanics, Residual Stresses, Neutron Diffraction.

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