Workshop On VLSI DESIGN Organized by Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Gurgaon

A one day workshop on VLSI DESIGN was successfully conducted in Amity University Haryana by DKOP Labs Pvt. Ltd. on 29thJanuary, 2015. Mr. Chander Kant (Director, DKOP Labs) Mr. Bharat Kumar (Technical Consultant, DKOP Labs), and Mr. Nitin Tiwari (Service Engineer) delivered their valuable thoughts on the topic. Students of M. Tech ECE (2nd Sem.),B. Tech ECE (8th and 6th Sem.) and B. Tech EEE (8thand 6th Sem.) attended the workshop. The workshop started at 10:00AM and has been divided into two sessions. Industry awareness, Job Opportunities, Challenges & Scope were few topics covered in the Workshop.

Students were detailed about the various VLSI design tools such as Cadence, Mentor graphics etc.. Mr. Bharat demonstrated that how an Idea can be converted into a circuit and how VLSI can help our young engineers to become the Entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

Students were briefed about the scope of VLSI Design in core electronics companies. They detailed about the 6-week/months regular/summer/industrial training 2015 they are providing at DKOP Labs for the aspiring students.

The workshop ended with a questioning and answering session and was quite interesting as students received a lot of knowledge about the VLSI and UVLSI technologies prevalent in the industry. After this workshop students were confident about the scope of VLSI and the feedback of students was excellent. 

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