Orientation Program of International Students at Amity University Gurgaon

An Orientation program for New International Students was scheduled on 25th of August, 2014 where they were informed by Dr Gunjan M Sanjeev (Director-IA) about the various activities/events that Office of International Affairs has planned for them for the coming entire year. The enthusiasm was very much visible which was reflected by their expressions. Major Gen G S Bal (Dean Student Welfare) was also present where he informed new students about various do’s and don'ts and assured them that university is a ragging free area and in case any misconduct  or unsavory remark is passed on them management will take punitive actions against those students. The entire team of IA was also introduced to them. Later on each student also introduced oneself in a very warm environment.

The event was very well reciprocated by the students and their happiness was quite evident through their conduct.

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