Amity University, Gurgaon VIth INSPIRE Internship Program

Amity University Gurgaon IVth INSPIRE Internship Program: Innovation in Science Pursuit for Inspired Research, An initiative of Department of Science and Technology (DST),Govt. of India at the AMITY University Campus, a five day program from December 16 to December 20, 2014. The program is aimed at inspiring young minds of India to take up science as a career and benefit the students to interact with various renowned Scientists (Bhatnagar Awardees) from all over India. This program has given an opportunity to the students to participate in various activities.

About 250 students from more 19 schools of Delhi, NCR, Alwar and Jhajjar have participated in the programme. The program has given an opportunity to the students to participate in various activities of science and technology viz. Chemistry experiments demonstrations, Quiz, Live experiments at University Labs assisted by the Professor of University, Science documentaries, Rocket launching, Practical session / Workshop on Physics,Chemistry, Biotechnology, Geology, Stem Cells etc.

 The five days program was divided into different sessions based on a range of themes relevant to the program.

The programme was inaugurated with the address of Dr Padmakali Banerjee, Hon’ble P VC, AUH and key note address by Dr Shashi Wadhwa, Retired Dean AIIMS and Professor of Department of Anatomy. Dr Krishan Lal, Laue- Bragg Chair Professor & Principal Chief Scientist, AUUP Noida, President Indian National Science Academy was the Guest of Honor on the occasion. This session was also attended by following dignitaries from AUG:

Dr Vikas Madhukar,Dy Director, ABS and Director Admissions

Mr Sachin Juneja,Director Market Promotion 


A comprehensive presentation on Amity Education Group & AUG was presented by Mr Sachin Juneja, Director Market Promotion AUG

The Guest of Honor Dr Shashi Wadhwa, Retired Dean AIIMS and Professor of Department of Anatomy, addressed the students by giving an inspiring lecture explaining the role of Science in the life of a human being. Further the Chief guest Dr Krishan Lal addressed the students and gave a brief presentation on the‘fascinating world of crystals’ explaining history of diamond.

The Chemistry experiments demonstrations were taken by Dr H O Gupta, NCERT New Delhi in the first session of Day 1.

The second session on “Physics and Radio Communication was taken by Dr A B Bhattacharya , B.H.U Varanasi

Day 2 started with a written Science test for the budding scientists to test the knowledge of the students and to encourage them for further and wider pursuits of science.

This was followed by a much appreciated panel discussion on ‘Career prospects in the field of Science & Technology’. The panelists were


·        Prof(Dr) S M P Khurana, Director, Amity Institute of Biotechnology, introduced students to the exciting sub-fields in Biotechnology like Fourth Generation Bio Fuel, Adult Cloning, Green Nano Technology, Hybrid fruits and vegetables etc.He was the session moderator

·        Maj Gen V K Narang, Director, Amity School of Engineering & Technology. Gen Narang explained information technology and its applications in Defence Services for aspiring engineers.

·        Dr J P Dudeja, Director, Amity Institute of Laser Technology and Optoelectronics spoke on careers in the Laser Industry - Design and engineering problems to discharge lasers exhaust gases to atmosphere and effect of turbulence in the atmosphere.

·        Dr Subhra Das, HOD Renewable Energy Department discussed the opportunities in Applied Sciences and informed that more than 20 programs are currently running in Applied Sciences at AUG

·        Mr Jitin Chawla Career Counselor from Centre for Career development stole the show with his brief but fully loaded short stories, couplets and deep insights about career planning.


The last session of Day 2, was a workshop on ‘Astronomy and Space Science’. The workshop had three activities: Air Rocketry, Weighing on different planets and Hydro Rocketry


Day 3 began with welcome speech by our Hon’ble VC Prof (Dr) P B Sharma.


The first session was on ‘Tropical Cyclones’ by Dr S K Dube,Vice Chancellor, Amity University Rajasthan and Ex Director IIT, Kharagpur


Second  Session on Day 3 was taken by Dr SMP Khurana on ‘Miracles in Biotechnology Achieved and awaited’. He meticulously explained that Biotechnology has the potential to change our world and the coming years may witness the whole new way of growing crops, dealing with deadly disease and handling environmental problems.


Demonstrations & Experiments in various labs viz Physics, Nursing foundation lab,Nutrition lab, Computer Lab, Bio medical Device lab and Electrical Science lab of Amity University Gurgaon was conducted post lunch. The students were mesmerized by the set up and enjoyed hands-on experiments.


Day 4 started with session on ‘Forensic Demonstration’ by Dr G S Sodhi, Associate Professor in Department of Chemistry and Forensic Science unit of  SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University. He delivered a wonderful talk on Detection of Latent Fingerprints by Nanoparticle size compositions.


The second session on Day 2 was conducted separately for Biology and Mathematics students. The session on Botany was taken by Dr Pratibha Thakur, Hansraj College, University of Delhi. The mathematics session was taken by Dr C K Goel, HOD Mathematics, AIAS Amity University Noida.


Further,our Hon’ble Founder President Dr Ashok K Chauhan addressed the budding scientists. His words were truly encouraging and motivating. His Q&A session stole the show as he shared his experiences and emphasized on nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself.


The day ended with a quiz competition conducted by Amity School of Applied Sciences, AUH. Amity International School sector 43, Gurgaon was declared the winner


The final day i.e. Day 5 of INSPIRE program started with session by Ms Gitanjali Ashta and Mr Santanu Jana, faculty Amity Medical School, AUH explaining about function of human eye, common diseases and preventive measures.

The second session was on ‘Nanotechnology’ by Dr M P Srivastava, Department of Physics and Astrophysics University of Delhi.

The Valedictory session was attended by Hon’ble VC AUH, Dr P B Sharma, Prof(Dr) Ajit Varma, Distinguished Scientist & Prof of Eminence, Amity Institute of Microbial Technology, Vice Chairman, Amity Science, Technology& Innovation foundation, AUUP, Dr W Selvamurthy, President, Amity Science, Technology & Innovation Foundation at Amity University & Ex-Distinguished Scientist & Chief Controller R&D, Er Anuj Sinha, Chairman of the Board of NCSTC -Network and Ex- Head NCSTC, Ministry of Science &Technology, Maj Gen G S Bal, Dean Student Welfare, Dr Vikas Madhukar,Director-Admissions & Dy Director ABS and Mr Sachin Juneja, Director-Market Promotion.

The inputs given during the whole program will go a long way in building the career of young minds in the fields of science & technology. 

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