“Litigation is a satisfying and fulfilling experience”, stresses Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K. Sikri- Judge, Supreme Court of India during the inauguration of Amity National Moot Court Competition”

To provide budding lawyers an experience of clinical legal education and prepare them to face actual courtroom proceedings, Amity Law School, Delhi started its 14th annual “Amity National Moot Court Competition” at University Campus, Sector-125, Noida


Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K.Sikri- Judge, Supreme Court Of India; Sh. P.S. Patwalia- Additional SolicitorGeneral of India and Sh. Siddharth Luthra- Senior Advocate & Former Additional Solicitor General of India ; Prof.(Dr.) B P S Sehgal- Director, Amity Law School, Delhi and Prof. M K Balachandran-Professor of Eminence and Chair Professor for Law, Amity Law School, Delhi inaugurated the Competition.


Over 32 Law Colleges and Institutes across India are participating in the Competition including School ofExcellence in Law, Chennai; Ram Manohar National Law College, Lucknow,Gujarat National Law University, NLU, Orissa, Army Institute of Law, Bangalore,NUL, Kochi; NLU, Jodhpur; NLU Bhopal; Christ College Bangalore amongst others.


Welcoming the august gathering, Dr. B P S Sehgal, Director, Amity Law School, Delhi said that Amity Law School, Delhi has been successfully organizing the prestigious Moot Court Competition since 2002 with participation from various eminent Law colleges across the country. He shared that the teams participating in 14th “Amity National Moot Court Competition” will display their advocacy skills during three rounds of the Competition, being adjudged by Hon’ble judges of High Court and Supreme Court. He highlighted the various achievements of the students of Amity Law School, Delhi including their exemplary accomplishments in various National and International Moot Court Competitions.


Sharing his views, Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.K. Sikri- Judge, Supreme Court of India said that Judges and Advocates are two sides of a coin when it comes to the legal system in the country. Whenever a dispute comes to the Court, a Judge decides it with the assistance of Lawyers who present the facts of the case and when a Lawyer fails to explain his case, the judgement may go other way. He remarked that a Judge would render a good judgement if the assistance provided by the Lawyer is good and he is able to defend a case well. He averred that in legal profession, the day a person graduates from a Law college, he is expected to been rolled as a Lawyer and Constitution of the country gives him a right to appear in the Court and present the case in District Court as well as Supreme Court. In such a scenario, the need for imparting adequate training and firsthand experience of Court room proceedings to the young lawyers becomes paramount. To some extent, he stressed, that the five year Law programmes being offered by Law colleges and institutions across the country cater to the training aspect of the Lawyers by providing them internship opportunities in Courts and Law firms while pursuing their programmes. He emphasized that Moot Courts, in the same context, play very important role in by equipping a Lawyer,at a very early stage, with sound knowledge of Law, drafting skills,proficiency in language and oratory skills. He called upon the budding lawyers to go for Litigation which is much more fulfilling than Corporate practice and encouraged them to be fair to the Court and their own selves which will take them a long way in legal profession.


Addressing the budding lawyers, Sh.P.S. Patwalia- Additional Solicitor General of India said that Moot Court isan unforgettable and memorable experience for every law student since Moot Court is rooted in real world of advocacy. He stressed that the present generation of budding lawyers is fortunate as they have the opportunity to participate in Moot Courts and thereby, present and argue the cases in front of sitting judges of High Court and sometimes, even Supreme Court. He added that Moot Court proceedings are closest to what lawyers actually do in Courts while litigating. Motivating the budding lawyers to overwhelmingly participate in Moot Court competitions, Sh. Patwalia remarked that Moot Courts are extremely enriching experience since they prepare students to understand and marshal the facts of the case, research the law and apply it to the facts of the case,draft the argument and present it in an organized manner in front of judges.

Advising students, he said that participating in Moot Courts is important, participating to win is also very important but most important is to be fair, maintaining proper decorum and showing respect to the Judges adjudicating the case in Moot Court.


Sh. Siddharth Luthra- Senior Advocate & Former Additional Solicitor General ofIndia appreciated the level of clarity of thought, meticulousness and debate displayed by students during Moot Court Competitions. He emphasized the dearth of litigators in the country and stressed that Litigation provides a sense of satisfaction to the lawyer since it provides an opportunity to the lawyer to see the Law in motion and stand for the rights of the people. He motivated budding lawyers to pick up their pens and fight for upholding the justice and rights of the people in the society.


The Semi-finals and Finals of the Competition, scheduled on Sunday February 22,2015, would be adjudged by a team of eminent jury members which include Hon’ble Mr. Justice V.P. Vaish Judge, Delhi High Court; Hon’ble Mr. Ashutosh Kumar Judge, Delhi High Court; Hon’ble Dr. Mrs. Justice S.S.Dhingra Judge, Delhi High Court; Hon’ble Mr. I.S. Mehta Judge, Delhi High Court; Hon’ble Mr. Justice Manmohan Singh Judge, Delhi High Court and Hon’ble Mr. Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva Judge, Delhi High Court.


Sh.Kalyan Banerjee-Senior Advocate & Member of   Parliament – Lok Sabha; Sh. Maninder Singh- Senior Advocate & Additional Solicitor General of India and Mr. Lalit Bhasin- Sr. Advocate will grace the Valediction ceremony of Moot Court Competition on Sunday February 22, 2015 at 4:00 pm.

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