Amity University, Gurgaon conducted Scrap Collection Camp-WE CARE

Amity University has always believed in Indian traditions, rich cultural values and strong ethics which it has been preaching and persistently imbibing the same into its students. In our constant endeavour to pursue the same value system at Amity University Haryana (AUH), Office of International Affairs has been consistently attempting to groom international students to be better moral human beings and sensitive towards society.

Treading this path and to create sensitivity and awareness among the international students for the upliftment of the under privileged kids and elderly, Office International Affairs conducted a SCRAP COLLECTION campaign.

The Event was a three days affair, which was completely organized and managed by international students starting from creating awareness, sensitizing students, faculty and staff about the cause, collection and finally dispatching the material to the needy. The campaign welcomed donations only in the form of reusable discarded items which have lost value for the owner but can give a new life to the recipient. Campaign did not encouraged any monetary donations or any new articles, but only used items such as clothes, toys, shoes, bed-sheets, etc.

In order to maximize its reach, the Campaign was strategically launched by the international students in the evening of 6th Feb 2015 with a Road Show in the compound area. Students sang passionately slogans of ‘We-Care –We-Care’ inviting attention from one and all in the vicinity. Student handmade colorful posters with enlighten messages aimed at propelling altruism among all. Students visited each bus/ various vehicles personally, making people aware about the campaign and encouraging generous donations. This created a great buzz around the university and everyone appreciated international students for this initiative.

Students depicted an epitome of dedication by practicing “SHRAM DAN” in the form of assembling and labeling cartons that were placed all around the university. Packaging and logistics of all the collectibles was also managed by the students.

They visited the top management, all the faculty members and staff, for their benevolent donations and support. Students voluntarily carried cartons to all the academic blocks, hostel blocks, classes and public areas and successfully collected material in large numbers.

The enthusiasm of students was quite evident by the fact that they uninterruptedly brought in donations, filled the cartons, packed and sealed it at every hour of the day.They also put affectionate messages on the cartons that were finally dispatched to the NGO.

The NGO officials were so touched by the efforts of the international students that they offered each one of them with a certificate and presented Office of International Affairs – Amity University with a citation, appreciating and thanking for their Nobel initiative and efforts.

The event was a huge success and students were finally able to dispatch 33 cartons filled with items that could provide the underprivileged new hope and happiness.

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