Amity University conducted a Seminar on releases JOB STRESS AND WAYS TO HANDLE IT

Amity College of Nursing conducted a seminar on “Job Stress and Ways to Handle It in VIMHANS, Hospital New Delhi dated on 18th February, 2015 as a part of the In-service Education Programme for Staff Nurses.

Theprogramme was organized by Ms. PoonamSharma, Assistant Professor and held under supervision of Ms. Ananthapriya, Assistant Professor, Amity College of Nursing. The programme aimed at equipping the nursing personnel knowledge regarding the management of job stress.

The seminar started at 01:00 pm with the Welcome address by M s Daya Kumari (Post B.Sc. Nursing IVth Semester) to all the dignitaries and nursing staffs of the Hospital. The first presentation was given by Ms Ankita and preceded by Ms. Stella and ended by Ms. Sini. (B.Sc. Nursing VIII Semester students ) where they discussed about stress and stressors, types, effects of stress on human body , reasons for job stress and ways to handle it and other stress management techniques. It was followed by the demonstration of deep breathing exercises by Ms. Sini (B.Sc. Nursing VIII  Semester). Also the programme high lightened the essential tips to handle job stress which will help staff nurses in their real life situations. At the end, handouts on Ten tips the nurses should do to avoid Job Burnout also issued to the participants.

The post discussion session was conducted and all the questions or queries were answered. The participants expressed that the Seminar was very informative and highly beneficial to them.  The contents were fully covered and the methodology adopted was appropriate. Also participants were highly obliged and stated that this seminar as a need of the hour. They are looking forward for many more sessions like this in near future.

Thirty students of Noida International University also attended the session with great enthusiasm. While remarking about the programme, Mr.Vibin, Clinical Programme co-ordinator of Noida International University expressed that all sessions were really impressive.

The session ended at 02:30 pm with thanks giving to all the concerned persons & staff of the Hospital.


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