Amity University, Gurgaon participated in Workshop at CIEP- Winter University of BELC 2015

Amity University, Gurgaon participated in two weeks WORKSHOP AT CIEP- Winter University of BELC 2015 from 16thto 28th Feb 2015 which was organized at the CIEP, Sèvres, France.Dr. (Mrs.) S. Arul, Dean, Faculty of Arts, Head of Institution, Amity School of Languages, Professor of represented university to attend this two week workshop. Inaugural lecture were given by Mme. Luba JURGENSON, writer and translator and Mr. Bernard MAGNIER, journalist and editor.

TheCIEP – International Center for Pedagogic Studies ( a key public operator under the auspices of the French Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. It is in addition the main operating partner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. The Winter University of BELC imparts training in teaching French language and civilization which is recognized internationally.
There were participants from all over the world.

Training was imparted on two modules:-

1. Integrating ICT in teaching French as a foreign language: uses and resources
This module has sensitized us to the design methodology and criteria of quality of a video capsule. We were provided with digital tools that are used to make a video capsule for flipped learning.
The core learning were :

• The use of interactive smart board
• the use of audiovisual documents, authentic downloaded "raw"documents and online resources to render the language classroom teaching dynamic

2. Animating classroom activities while teaching French as a foreign language
This module gave in depth understanding on:
• manage and lead activities while teaching French as a foreign language
• form groups after identifying and taking into account different learner profiles
• optimize communication by multiplying the need and desire to communicate with activities embedded in various contexts
• develop group dynamics
• provide clear instructions
• develop learner autonomy
• guide self structuring of knowledge and skills

This training will certainly help us make the classroom atmosphere more relaxed and the teaching most relevant and learner-centric. Furthermore, this workshop provided an excellent opportunity to meet and share the experience with Professors of several nationalities who teach French as a foreign language in various countries including France says (Mrs.)S. Arul.


Apart from the workshops following discussion forum happened at workshop:

  • ·   presentations on the resources available at the documentation center of CIEP

  • · roundtable on “Resources for Teaching of French” with representatives from TV5 World (a French TV channel televised all over the world), from RFI – Radio France Inter and from the revue “Le français dans lemon de

  • ·  roundtable on “French in the world: policies and players” with representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, International Organization of Francophone countries, French Institute and Alliance Française

  • ·  Meetings with publication houses which presented latest text books for teaching French as a foreign language.

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