National Conference on Foreign Languages on February 20, 2015 at AUR

On February 20, 2015Amity School of languages (ASL) at Amity University Rajasthan, Jaipur organizeda National Conference on Foreign Languages: Strategies, Methodologies,Innovation  in Language  Education SMILE 2015. The Conferenceprovided a  special occasion where a part of the fraternity of foreignlanguages  in India came together to deliberate  upon the very timelyissue of the relevance of foreign language studies in the context of rapidglobalization and how new strategies, methodologies and innovations arenecessary to adapt the language pedagogy to the new challenges.Amongthe eminent speakers and panelists there were Prof. Asha Pande  former Head of the Department of ForeignLanguage Department at the University of Rajasthan, Prof Abhijit KarkunChairperson and professor at the Centre for French and francophone studies,Jawharlal Nehru University, New Delhi . Dr. Swarnendu Bakshi, Head of the Deptof French at IIS University, Jaipur, Dr. Geeta Kochhar, Teacher of Chinese language and literature at  JNU, Mr. Nabiel Ansari and Mr. Gourav kumar,teachers at the  Centre for Spanishstudies, JNU. There were participants from other Amity universities like AmityUniversity Uttar Pradesh, Amity University Mumbai as well. Foreign LanguageFaculties from Jaipur also attended the conference.

The plenary session wasfollowed by interactive sessions between the speakers and the students andinteractions between scholars themselves. There were discussions regarding the currentscenario and promises for foreign language education in India and the newchallenges thrown to the traditional pedagogy. The concluding session wasanimated by the cultural programme by the students of AUR.

A Book Exhibition CumSale by Goyal Publishers was organized on the premises of AUR as well on thatday.

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