Forensic Science Day Celebrates at Amity University

Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences organized a seminar today to mark the occasion of Forensic Science Dayat Amity University, Sector, 125, Noida.


The occasion marked the presence of eminent personalities including the First Private Detective of India, Mr. Ramesh C.  Madan, Founder of Private Detectives in India and Mr. Pratap Somvanshi, Senior Editor, Daily Hindustan who enlightened the participants with their words of wisdom. 


Welcoming the guests, Dr. S K Shukla, Director, Amity Institute of Forensic Sciences said that Forensic Science is the main pillar of criminal justice system. He underlined the missing importance of the profession and said that Forensic profession is developing with time but unfortunately India, still faces acute shortage of trained forensic manpower required for the investigation of various sensitive and serious crimes which is due to the lack of mention of Forensic Science in academic curriculum of institutes. Dr. Shukla opined that Jobs as crime scene technicians and lab analysts are not glamorous or effortless and the preparation to earn those jobs requires interest and precise scientific focus.


Detective Ramesh Madan is the pioneer of Private Investigation in India and has made the country proud by being the first Indian to have become “Certified International Investigator” way back in 1967 and the first Asian to be elected as the International President and thereafter Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Council of International Investigators (CII),USA.


Sharing his personal story of ‘Detective in Making’, Mr. Ramesh Madan said his professional career as a detective started in the year 1958. He apprised the students about his achievement as the Master of Disguises and also about setting the world record of saving the lives of 36 people from death sentence by proving their innocence through his investigation. During the occasion, Detective Madan showcased his previous and new age Scientific Tools and Techniques to the students. He remarked that in his earlier years of profession, the technology was not so advanced as in present time; hence he had to innovate and develop various techniques and technologies that helped him in his profession.  Mr. Madan encouraged the students to innovate and come up with novel ideas in their professional field rather than just following the classroom knowledge. He also warned the students who desire to be a private investigator that the profession is not for those who dream about investigating as adventure, thrill and glamour, as sometimes the situations can get very dangerous and the investigator should be prepared for every circumstance.

Presenting his views on Media Coverage of Forensic Sciences, Mr. Pratap Somvanshi praised Amity for celebrating today’s day as Forensic Science Day and remarked that such programmes are the medium to provide knowledge to the media persons as the reporters are not well versed with every field. He highlighted that there is ample knowledge in our country but it is not accessible to all. Mr. Somvanshi apprised that there is a lack of forensic professionals in Police force as the professional training is not available at large. He advised the students to share their knowledge and information through the available resources such as social media, blogs, newspapers etc and he further informed that at present time,media opts for professional experts as the reporters of that subject; hence,students can consider it as a job option.


The seminar was attended by the aspiring forensic professionals, students, and faculty of Amity University.


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