Special lecture by America’s First World Wide Web Expert Prof. (Dr.) Bebo White on “Preparing for the ‘Web of Things’” during 3rd ACM Distinguished Lecture Series at Amity University

To familiarize the students about emergence of New Age technology and the concept of Physical Web, Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized 3rd ACM Distinguish Lecture Series by America’s First World Wide Web Expert Prof.  (Dr.) Bebo, Stanford University, USA on the topic “Preparing for the ‘Web of Things’” at Amity University.

Welcoming the guest, Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh said that Amity University has always encouraged in providing industry updates by experts to students other than from classroom knowledge and that such activities help in building young talents. She stressed that over the period of time, IT industry has upgraded at rapid pace and web is integrated in our daily activities.Therefore, this lecture will enlighten the students on the changing world of web. Dr. Shukla welcomed Dr. Bebo White to Amity family and expressed her hope that the association will be long lasting and mutually beneficial.

Sharing his views about ever-changing world of World Wide Web, Prof.  (Dr.) Bebo White said that for almost two decades the Web has been largely described in terms of the technologies, infrastructure,processes, and methods that define the web and the applications it supports. He added that with the changing time, we have witnessed a revolution of one web to another, ie., Static Web moving to Dynamic Web which has led to Participatory Web then Social Web followed by Multimedia Web progressing towards Semantic Web and presently the world is experiencing, ‘Web of Things”. He discussed the emerging discipline of Web science which seeks to understand the phenomenon that is the Web as an independent entity and the ecology in which it exists. He mentioned that Web science explores the roles and the impact that the Web hashad and will continue to have in the 21st century. Elaborating further he added that as a result, studies in Web science will help us to understand how the technology might evolve and how we can be prepared for the future Web. He stressed that in the present time, we have the capability to fully connect and integrate everyday devices and objects into a web environment. Dr. White explained that how our perception of what composes the physical Web is going to change as devices and objects have become "first-class citizens" of the Web and communicate via Web protocols. Dr. White explained the meaning of‘A person on Web’ and said that it means a sensory-sensitive, complete unambiguous representation of a person which is fully descriptive and technology which contains all credentials, contacts, friends and preferences of the person. He added that on web, a person’s URL becomes your Human ID which is the Universal ID.

During the lecture, Dr. White said that idea of communication which led to the invention of Model Human Computer is now outdated due to its limited range while the range of Web of Things is universal. He highlighted that with the evolution of web, things and objects have become the transmitter and receiver that can initiate a respond to stimuli. He added that people are connected to things and are interacting with objects that are enacting as entities on World of Things. Citing the example of a Space Satellite, he said that the Satelliter over landed on the planet, it tweeted that by itself; hence, this signifies that the objects become life entities on web. Dr. White outlined on the threats faced by World of Web such Hackers that can open attack on low-hanging targets,Smart Homes or Cars can be a reason of security issue, Power Grids and Utilities can be intrigued and Supply Chain can be interrupted for data theft.As a concluding brief, he mentioned that Web of Things is real and no thypothetical where technology and infrastructure co-exist. He added that it faces numerous R&D challenges but can offer a platform to infinite channelsf or creativity.

During the occasion, Prof.(Dr.) BeboWhite was conferred with Honorary Professorship in Amity University by Dr.(Prof.) Balvinder Shukla. Accepting the professorship, Dr. Bebo White expressed his gratitude to Amity for bestowing the honor on him.

The lecture was attended by the Senior Officials, HOIs, Research Scholars and students of Amity University.



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