Canadian Celebrity Chef Roger Mooking shares culinary skills to Amity Students during guest lecture at Amity University

To provide students an experience of world-class culinary skills, Amity School of Hospitality organized a special guest lecture by renowned Canadian Celebrity Chef Roger Mooking at University campus, Sector 125, Noida.


Trinidadian born Chef and Renaissance man Roger Mooking has earned a reputation as one of North America’s premier Chefs by developing a culinary philosophy built on the perfect execution of globally inspired culinary traditions. As a third generation restaurateur and Chef, he began his formal training through the esteemed George Brown Culinary Management Program where he graduated with Top Honors and is now the Chair of the Professional Advisory Committee. He is the Host and Co-Creator of his own internationally broadcast television series Everyday Exotic. His award-winning cookbook, based on the show, explores pairing ingredients from all corners of the globe with everyday meals.


Underlying the importance of small things in life, Celebrity Chef Roger Mooking said that in a Restaurant’s kitchen,the dishwasher is of utmost importance than Chef because if you take Chef out of the kitchen then cooks can cook the food but if you take dishwasher out of the kitchen then the entire work stops.  He added that there is an attitude of humbleness in kitchen and cooking is a series of humble paths.Apprising the students with a famous theory of ten thousand hours; he said that it is famously believed that the level of mastery is achieved after practicing the skill for ten thousand hours. He underlined that the hospitality industry is challenging but also fulfilling for those who are interested in customer care service. Chef Roger encouraged the students and said that young talent is shaping the future of the industry. Emphasizing on innovation in industry, he said that Innovations in the hospitality sector can be analyzed from levels which led to the transformation in the way we eat. He further added that although the innovations are for the benefit of industry and society but many innovations has been detrimental for health, so now, we need to adopt reinforce previous innovations for improvement and stability in the health of people.


During the lecture, he shared several of his life experiences as a Celebrity Chef and interacted with the students. He shared that during the early 15 years of his career people didn’t addressed him as Chef as he was learning to cook and he received the recognition when people wanted to learn from him.


The event was attended by Senior Officials, Research Scholars and students of Amity University.

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