World Water Day celebrated at Amity University

To spread the awareness regarding the importance of clean water and development and management of water resources, Amity Institute of Water Technology and Management and Amity institute of Environment Science celebrated World Water Day at Amity University,Sector 125, Noida.


The aim of World Water Day is to stimulate global awareness andto encourage people to become active participants to sustain life by saving water on earth.


The occasion witnessed the presence of Er. Rajesh Kumar, Former Commissioner, Central Water Commission; Er. R.K. Khanna , Former Chief Engineer(Environment Management),Central Water Commission; Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Dr. W. Selvamurthy,President Amity Science Technology and Innovation Foundation and Dr. Tanu Jindal, Director, Amity Institute of Water Technology and Management.


Addressing the gathering, Prof.(Dr.) Balvinder Shukla said  that the aim of observing World Water Day is to understand the valuable significance of water, discuss and conserve this finite resource in the future.She added that it is important to remember that a drop of water is powerful and life giving. She outlined that everyone is aware about the lack of availability of water, hence it is essential for every person to contribute for its conservation. Dr. Shukla opined that there is a need to address the water issue with carefully tailored approach in each area according to the need.


Emphasizing on the importance of water and its conservation, Er. Rajesh Kumar, Former Commissioner said that Water is essential to our living therefore it is required to save adequately and know how to better protect this life-sustaining resource. He added that earth has 97.3 percent of sea water and only 2.7 percent of drinking water. Citing there port by United Nations World Water Assessment Program, Er. Kumar said that at current usage rates, the world will have 40% less fresh water than it needs in15 years. He stressed that increased urbanization and uncontrolled population growth are the major factors contributing to water shortage and crisis. He apprised that Russia is on top when it comes to rainwater harvesting, Brazil on second then USA followed by China, fifth is South Africa and India is on sixth position. Er. Kumar outlined that lack of water availability also affects the agriculture sector of the country. He further added that the world is not only suffering from water crisis but also from water contamination that has resulted in rise of various water borne diseases. He encouraged the students to work towards the cause of spreading awareness about water conservation and sustainable growth. 


Apprising the gathering on alarming facts about water crisis, Er. R K Khanna said that 750 million people around the world lack access to safe water; approximately one in nine people and nearly 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5,worldwide, is due to a water-related disease. He stressed that in coming years, the world will face further drastic water crisis if essential conservative steps are not taken. Er. Khanna opined that preventing water contamination, rainwater harvesting,spreading awareness and increasing the involvement of every section of society for sustainable growth can prevent the world from the crisis. 


Sharing her views on innovating technology for water conservation, Dr. Tanu Jindal said that Water is necessary to life but most important is clean water. She added that fatal diseases are on the rise due to consumption of contaminated water and the effects are devastating.She remarked that Amity has always contributed through research excellence and innovative technologies to address global crisis on lack of safe and adequate Water.


During the occasion, students displayed various projects of Rainwater Harvesting, Water Management, Sewage Treatment Plant, Grey water Harvesting, Water Hydraulic System, Solar Water Heater and water for all amongst others. 

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