Exhibition of Military Weapons and Equipments during the glorious 10 years celebration of Amity University Uttar Pradesh

To commemorate the glorious 10 years of Amity University, Uttar Pradesh as part of its celebrations, Indian Army has exhibited “Military Weapons and Equipments” on March 24-25, 2015 atthe University Campus , Sector-125, Noida .

The exhibition cum demonstration aims to kindle patriotic and National fervor among the youth. The Indian Army, through this event endeavors to demonstrate the diverse array of equipment, mock drill and to simulate battle field conditions.


Welcoming the distinguished gathering, Maj. Gen. J.P. Singh, SC (Retd.),Director, Alumni Association & Special Training (AAST) said that Amity University has achieved great heights during the last ten years of its inception. He remarked that a demonstration of such a grand scale has never been organized by the Defence Services in any University ever before. He informed that all the three services ie. Army, Navy and Air Force have put up informative stalls wherein students could get the information as to how theycan join the services as Officers, Rank Structure and Pay Scales.


Lt. Gen Rakesh Sharma, UYSM, AVSM, VSM- Adjutant General, Indian Army expressed his delight in being part of the ten years celebration of Amity University. He acknowledged the great service Amity is providing to the higher educationsector of the country, and also specialized Training programmes for the ArmedForces. Motivating students to join Defense Forces, Lt. Gen. Sharma said that Defense Forces are not just about fighting but they are about honor, chivalry,fidelity, courage, love, affection and also humor.  He remarked thatDefense personnel are nation builders of great repute; they have theircontribution in every facet of life . Uniform offers a wholesome life and thereis no better venture in life than to join the Forces, which has its own charm.He advised the students that salary is important but not end all of joining Forces and encouraged them to join Army for salary but not just the salary.


Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Groupexpressedhis gratitude to Indian Army for choosing Amity for such a great show and display, which has added to many glorious “Firsts” achieved by the University.He briefed audience that Amity Indian Military College where students areenrolled in Class VIII onwards and are prepared to join Forces. He shared thatmore than 200 students have been selected in Forces through Amity SSB Academy.He remarked that Defence Forces are very important for a country and applauded the mighty and capable Defence Forces of the country. He also informed that Amity Instituteof Education and Training trains Defence Force officers in Business Management,Human Resource Management and other areas which could act as a gateway tosuccessful second career.


Sharing her views, Dr.B Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University stressed that it’s a great day for all Amitians to witness such a grand display of Military Equipments and Weapons and shows the respect and importance accorded to Indian Army by Amity. She shared that Amity has been working with Defense Forces in the area of Research, Education and Training. She stressed that Army has been doing exemplary contribution to the Nation and expressed her hope that the Exhibition would motivate more and more students to join Forces.


Also present during the occasion were Lt. Gen V K Saxena- DG, Army AirDefence, Lt. Gen A K Ahuja- Dy. Chief, IDS, Mr. Anand Chauhan- Shri Anand Chauhan, Trustee &General Secretary, RBEF and MD, Kunstocom (India) Ltd., Ms. Divya Chauhan-Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts and Amity School of Fashion Technologyand various senior officials from Amity.


Within seconds, after the inauguration, the Sports ground at Amity turned into a battlefield where Mortar Platoon and Infantry men of Army demonstrated Bunker Bursting Drill. Infantry soldiers follow this drill when they are closing in to the enemy and are destroying them from their entrenched positions. The thunderous, deafening shell and bullet sounds, ensuing smoke,nimble and quick and well coordinated movement by the soldiers gave a glimpse into the real battlefield. The combat power demo was highly appreciated by the gathering and left them awestruck. Most of the students were witnessing such an event for the first time.


The Demonstration was followed by the inauguration of Exhibition of Military Weapons and Artillery by Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President,Amity Group and Lt. Gen Rakesh Sharma, UYSM, AVSM, VSM- Adjutant General, Indian Army .


Sophisticated equipments and modern weapons of Infantry, Artillery, Army Air Defence and Communications being currently used by the Indian Army are on display at Amity  including “Tank – T 72”, “Integrated Air Defence System– Schilka”, “Bofors Gun System”, “130 MM Long Range Artillery Gun”, “AK – 47”, “Medium Machine Gun”, “Automatic Grenade Launcher”, “Mounted Rocket Launcher”, “AntiTank Guided Missiles”, “81 MM Mortars”, “Sniper Station on a Machan”, “BattleField Surveillance Radar”, “Nuclear Biological & Chemical Kit (NBC)”, “High Altitude Equipment” and “Night Vision Devices”


The students and the faculty members took keen interest in gaining knowledge about the life in the Army and the various Weapons and Equipments which were displayed. While the combat Demo left them with goosebumps, the display of weapons and equipments motivated them to have higher regards for Defence forces and even join them. The display enhanced the image of Army in the minds of the young generation and changed their perception of Defense Forces being associated with Wars, Battlefields and ruggedness. The display very distinctively brought out the glory associated with Indian Army.


Over 10,000 students and faculty members from Amity University and other nearby professional institutions of Noida and Delhi attended the Exhibition.



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