Fashion and Art Industry experts share the insights with the budding professionals during Kraetiv’15 at Amity University

Amity School of Fashion Technology (ASFT) & Amity School of Fine Arts (ASFA) have commenced with annual fashion & art fiesta ‘KREATIV’15 at Amity University campus, Sector 125, Noida.


Kreativ’ 15 provides an exclusive platform to the budding fashion and art professionals to exhibit their creation and talent to the spectators and veterans of industry in myriad forms of Applied Art, Painting and Animation.


During Kreativ’ 15, a seminar was conducted on “Design Innovation: Future of Fashion & Textiles” wherein the eminent personalities of Fashion and Textile Industry were present including Mr. Vijay Mathur, Additional Secretary General, Apparel Export Promotion Council; Mr. Roopak Malik,Director, Textiles Sourcing Ltd; Ms. Surbhi Tanga, Director, Design Emporia; Mr. Ayon Banerjee, Creative Director; Mr. Darshan Bhat, Managing Director,Creatnet Services Ltd and Dr. V K Kothari, Proffesor, Textile Technology Dept,IIT Delhi.


Addressing the gathering, Mrs. Divya Chauhan, Chairperson, ASFT & ASFA said that Indian fashion Industry is at its prime and has great potential to make a mark on the world stage. She added that India has a rich and varied textile heritage where diverse regions of India have their own identity in Global market. She apprised that growth in Indian Fashion and Textiles industry is elevating with change in lifestyle, earnings and urbanization of the customers.She remarked that as an effort to make Industry ready professionals, Amity has always been taking initiatives to bring the industry and budding talent closer by organizing such interactions.


Welcoming the guests, Mr. Pradeep Joshi, Director, ASFT & ASFA said that Kreativ started in year 2009 under which various activities related to arts and fashion domain such as Art Camp, Seminar, Exhibitions etc are conducted. He further added that aim of the seminar is to provide a platform to students for interaction with industry leaders of respective fields and updating them with the latest trends in the industry.  He apprised that Fashion industry is full with competition with India as the leading supplier and manufacturer of garments. He mentioned that with development of technology,the world has become a global village and presently, online is too powerful in selling and purchasing of commodities. Initially, companies never thought that e-retailing will become so important. Mr. Joshi opined that various new and innovative ways are developed to empower customers, hence there is a need for fashion institutes to deliberate what is the future of fashion and textiles and in what way they should be preparing the budding professionals.


Sharing his views on career in fashion Industry, Mr. Vijay Kumar Mathur said that it’s a huge industry and there are a multiple of jobs available. He added that at times, the profession is looked down upon and compared with other professions such as Engineering, Law, Medicine etc. but individuals who have passion and desire, the industry is very rewarding. Mr. Mathur shared the success story of various fashion trends such as High Heels, Black Leather jacket, Red Leather jacket and Shilpi Bindi with the participants. He outlined that Fashion profession is a mix of Science, Chemistry, Economics, Geography,Law, Botany, Statistics and Media. He further added that if a person is pursuing career in fashion then he/she should be well versed with all the domains. Mr. Mathur advised the students to think original and create demand of their idea in market. Sharing the formula of ingenuity, he said that thinking fresh ideas equal to ideas minus google is the mantra for original designing.


Enlightening the budding professionals about export market of fashion industry, Mr. Roopak Malik said that designing innovation in all stages including yarn, fabric, wash and garment rinse has become very important. He added that the reason India is so behind in exports due to lack of development in these areas. He emphasized that in India, the availability of yarn options are very basic being limited to5-6 varieties,whereas, China offers more than 200 choices in yarns. He apprised the students that over the time, many innovations has taken place yet India is still lacking in manufacturing pioneering textiles as compared to the variety accessible across globe.


Prof V K Kothari elaborated on the innovations and recent developments in raw materials for Fashion and Textiles and said that in the last few years, the fashion industry has seen intense innovation activity in all areas of textiles with convergence and close cooperation between fields. He stressed that however the textile industry faces challenge of producing fabrics and garments with multiple functionalities such as self-cleaning, super hydrophobicity, odour free properties, health promoting properties amongst others. Prof. Kothari opined that innovation will be the keyto success in textile industry.

During the seminar, Ms.Surbhi Tankha shared her views on online fashion retail and innovative marketing. 


The enriching festival unfolded with an exhibition of selected installation, sculptures, paintings, and art work by students of Amity University, followed by ‘Art Camp’ wherein the students were given the opportunity  to work under the mentorship of established senior artists of the art industry.


The exhibited work at Art Camp was reviewed by Senior Artists,Mr. Sudip Roy and Mr. Dattatrya Apte who appreciated the indigenous artwork of the budding professionals. Renowned Sculptor Artist Padmashree Ram V Sutar and eminent Artist Mr. Sanjay Bhattachrya were present during the inauguration ceremony.

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