Renowned Psychiatrist and Therapists conduct lecture during One Day Workshop on “Opening Doors for Education of Children with Special Needs” at Amity University

Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences  and Amity Foundation for Developmental Disabilities) in technical collaboration with “Expressions India”organized one day Workshop  on “Opening Doors for Education of Children with Special Needs” at Amity Campus, Sector 125, Noida.

The aim of the seminar was to sensitize the schools with an objective to offer extensive knowledge base, skills and basic intervention strategies for children with special needs.

More than 50 Principals, Special Educators, Rehabilitation Professionals and School Counselors from various schools across Delhi NCR including Delhi Public School,Gurgaon; St. Columbus School; Jagran Public School, Noida; Step by Step School,Noida; Pathways Public School, JD Tytler School and Amity International Schools   amongst others will participate in the seminar.

The workshop was inaugurated by Renowned Psychiatrist Dr. Jitendra Nagpal, Programme Director, Expressions India; Dr. KB Kumar, Vice- Chairman & Dean, Rehabilitation Sciences; Dr. Jayanti Puajara, Director, Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences and Ms. Pallavi Chauhan, Joint Director (AIRS) .

Briefing about the need of Inclusive Education, Dr.Jitendra Nagpal said that  Inclusive Education means providing education to all children with or without disabilities in the same general classroom. He added that disability is asocial responsibility which has to be accepted by all and no selection procedure should be adopted for denying admissions to children with special needs. He informed that there has been developmental challenge in the nomenclature of understanding of certain terms which requires to be addressed.He mentioned that National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2015 has addressed the issue by citing certain parameters for inclusive paradigm such as building an inclusive society, nurturing holistic development, creating welcoming communities, effectively combating discriminatory attitudes and achieving education and well being.  He stressed that as educators, there is a need to evolve and not bind oneself by the defined jargons. Dr. Nagpal apprised the participants that in India, Anemia in girls is the major reason for school dropouts. He emphasized that early childhood is pivotal as there are soft disabilities related to emotional and psychological problems which cannot beseen during the growing days of a child but are required to be identified. Heurged schools to include behavioral, psychological and emotional well being during school medical check ups. Dr. Nagpal highlighted that many schools lackthe necessary infrastructure to support children with different disabilitiesand most lack the necessary equipment or specialized staff to support theeducation of special children. He averred that infrastructural support in human form and understanding is important to achieve inclusive education.

Duringthe seminar, RenownedPsychiatrist Dr Jitendra Nagpal withhis team members conducted a series of lecture on topics including “Decoding inclusion – coding thefuture”, “Barriers in including Children with Special Needs”; “Opening doorsfor Children with Special Needs” and “Road Blocks & Road Ahead”.

Duringthe workshop, Occupational Therapist Dr. Runjhun Joshi calledupon parents and teachers to identify the signs of disability in children atearly age. She said that occupational therapy can help improve kids' cognitive,physical, and motor skills and enhance their self-esteem and sense ofaccomplishment. She added that children are not born with perfect motor skills,but rather motor development happens through learning and practice.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Jayanti Pujara said that every child born in thecountry whether challenged or otherwise is born with same right to education.She added that it is the responsibility of the society and educationalinstitutions o ensure that every child finds a place in the broad framework ofeducation. She stressed that Educators, Rehabilitation Professionals and SchoolCounselors are the stakeholders of inclusive education and it is only byinclusion of each child that we will be able to achieve education for all.

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