Amity Chandigarh Concluding Ceremony - 2015

It was a proud moment for we all at Amity Chandigarh as we gathered for the momentous occasion of the Concluding Ceremony for MBA and BBA class of 2015.It was a great occasion to applaud and celebrate the achievements and hard work of all the graduands of MBA and BBA. All the students were given a traditional welcome for the glorious ceremony. Dr Babita Dosajh , senior  Prof extended a warm and cordial welcome to all present and  took this opportunity to applaud all the students for their wonderful achievements and also presented a glimpse of some of the achievements of the Batch of MBA and BBA Class of 2015. She recalled the fond memories of the time spend by the students in the campus doing co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Prof(Dr) Shivali Dhingra, Director, congratulated all the students for their commendable achievements during their tenure. She commenced her welcome speech by conveying the blessings of the Founder President respected, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan, Honorable President Sir, Dr. Atul Chauhan and beloved Senior Vice President, Mr. U. Ramachandran, Head AGBS Campuses; and Mr Gaurav Gupta, DGM-Marketing. It was a nostalgic moment for all as she recalled very fondly the journey of the students and how Amity has given them an excellent opportunity to hone their skills and unleash their potential and has nurtured and transformed the raw talent into young promising future leaders of tomorrow.She urged students to practice the learnings with due diligence as they make anew beginning. She felt very proud to award the students with diploma and provisional degree for their successful completion of the requirements of the program.

The glittering award ceremony recognized the students for their achievements for both academic and non-academic categories: Area Merit awards were also distributed for Behavioural Science, Finance, Human resources, Marketing, International Business; Non-area merit awards were presented in sports, extra-curricular activities,  and corporate relations.

 The compliments and blessings of our Honorable President, Dr. Atul Chauhan sir, in a message were duly conveyed to the successful participants of the programs. All the students felt privileged and fortunate to receive his blessings as they begin a new chapter of their life.This was followed by the National Anthem and a Group Photograph to preserve the sweetest memories of their Campus life. With lots of hopes aspirations, cheers and best wishes the students of class of 2015 began a new journey and pledged to always make their Alma Matar proud with their noble deeds. Students were also invited to share their unforgettable and happy moments in their academic journey at the institution. The ceremony ended with a group photograph followed by Dinner.

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