Commonwealth Chess Championship inaugurated with over 559 participants at presence of over 17 Grandmasters

Inaugurating the Commonwealth Chess Championship, Dr. Ashok Chauhan, Founder President,Amity Group, chief guest on the occasion opened the tournament by making the first move on chessboard in New Delhi.


The Commonwealth Chess Championship was organized by Delhi Chess Association under the aegis of The All India Chess Federation, World Chess Federation FIDE and Commonwealth Chess Association.


The inauguration also marked the participation of over 100 players from abroad inthe presence of 17 Grandmasters (Men), 5 Grandmasters (Women), 22 International Grandmasters (Men) and 8 International Grandmasters (Women). The ceremony was attended by Tania Sachdev; Grandmaster Abhijeet Gupta; Grandmaster Koneru Humpy; Mr. Bharat Singh Chauhan, Chairman,Commonwealth Chess Association; Mr. D V Sundar, Vice President, World ChessFederation FIDE and Mr. Atul Kumar Gupta, Joint Secretary, All India Chess Federation.


Addressing the gathering, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan said that Amity has always encouraged the students to play chess as the game nurtures a variety of virtues, qualities and traits in a person. He stressed that people good in Chess are very successful in their lives as the game helps them to imbibe the peculiarity of instinct, strategic thinking, narrow analysis, hard work and perseverance. He offered the organizers of Chess Tournaments to host such prestigious championships in future at Amity so that more and more students get involved.


Common wealth Chess Championship has set a new and higher standard for international chess competition, providing more opportunities for the world’s best chess players to compete on a grand stage. Around 600 players from 11 commonwealth countries including India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Maldives, Zambia,Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Australia amongst others.


Welcoming the guests, Mr. D V Sundar, Vice President, World Chess Federation FIDE said that India has been a forerunner in Commonwealth Chess Tournaments with the number of participants escalating over the years and Indian Players being respected worldwide. He added that through such championships, the players get an opportunity to compete with Grandmasters. Mr. Sundar outlined that the country is surging and marching ahead in the game as now India has 48,658 registered players with 35 Grandmasters and 89 International Grandmasters including both men and women, who have brought glory to the country.


During the occasion, Chief Guest Dr. Ashok K Chauhan also launched a special App on Commonwealth Chess Championship conceptualized by Mr. Rudra Pratap Singh. 

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