Students of Amity Business School regulate traffic during Traffic Management Week

Considering the problemscaused due to heavy traffic during peak hours near 125 Sector, Noida, studentsof Amity Business School started an initiative of “Traffic Management Week” atAmity University, Sector 125.


The objective of the initiative is to manage traffic at busyintersections around the premises and to educate road users about traffic rulesand safe driving. The students decided to embark on the project afterwitnessing frequent traffic snarls around the campus premises especially during8.30 to 10 am.


Around 30 students were seen helping the smooth trafficmovement, managing proper parking of vehicles in high activity areas andassisting pedestrians regarding their safety while on road.


Sharing his views on Traffic Management Week, Dr. Sanjeev Bansal, Director, AmityBusiness School said, “therehas been a growing congestion problems on sector 125 lane where encroachmentsand lack of traffic discipline has aggravated the problem of heavy office,school and University traffic building up between 8.30am – 9.30 am. Therefore,it has become important to streamline the traffic manually by manning the roadsand monitor the traffic”. He remarked that it doesn’t matter how good the roadsare but if drivers behave dangerously, they not only put themselves but otherslife at high risk.


While managing the traffic, Ms.Bhairavi, student of Amity Business School said that Noida roads are strugglingwith traffic chaos due to increase in number of vehicles on the roads whichbecomes difficult to manage and therefore this initiative has been started tomonitor the traffic for a week and to inculcate discipline amongst studentdrivers and pedestrians so that movement of traffic on roads is better andcommuters reach their destination on time. Time saved with smooth traffic leadsto saving of fuel and less stress, she added.


During the time the students distributed placards carryingmessages to create an awareness on safe driving, proper use of seat belts,crossing the road safely and using helmets.


The commuters were happy with the student’s initiative andpraised the students for their exemplary initiative which helped themcheerfully reach office/college on time.


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