“Awareness Programme against Drugs Abuse” organises at Amity on the occasion of International Youth Day

“Drug Abuse is part of the larger design of Narco-Terrorism, initiated by the Neighboring country” avers Dr. Rohit Sharma - Director (Delhi Zone) Narcotics Control Bureau at Amity


“Drug Abuse is part of the larger design of Narco-Terrorism,initiated by the Neighboring country who cannot subdue us with military might and therefore, is trying to pump in drugs to destroy the generations”,remarked  Dr. Rohit Sharma - Director (Delhi Zone) Narcotics Control Bureau on the occasion of International Youth Day celebrations at Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida.


Delhi Zone Unit of Narcotics Control Bureau, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India organised an “Awareness Programme against Drugs Abuse” for the students at University Campus wherein Dr. Sharma highlighted the Medical, Psychological and Social impact of taking drugs, which has become a malaise affecting youth in Schools and Colleges in Delhi/NCR in the wake of rising stress and peer –pressure amongst them.


He shared that the addiction of hard core drugs such as Opium,Heroine, Cocaine etc. is very strong as compared to alcohol and tobacco and chances are very high that a person , after first or second try, will become addictive of hard core drugs. He appealed the students to desist from the temptation to give them a try at first instance only since hard core drugs have high level of dependence.


He appraised students that there are two kinds of drugs depending upon their after effects- Depressants which slow down the Breathing Rate, Heart Rate , Pulse Rate and thus, give a feeling of relaxation and the Stimulants which accelerate functions of variousorgans in the body, thereby, making the user very energetic and active. He remarked that under work or overwork of organs, both are degenerative and could cause irreparable damage to lungs and heart in the long run and whatever is consumed by body, it goes through liver and kidney, therefore these drugs could even damage liver and kidneys of the user. Dr. Sharma shared that in men, long term use of drugs could lead to sexual impotency and even loss of libido.


He averred that the time period between 20-30 years of age is very crucial since a person makes his career during this time and if he gets addicted to drug abuse, this important period is lost.


Dwelling on the legal aspects of Drug abuse, Dr. Sharma stressedthat as per Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, 1985, the trafficking of drugs such as Heroin, Charas, Cocaine etc. in commercial quantity is non-bailable offence and can lead to imprisonment upto 20 years and fine upto Rs. 2 Lakhs. Death penalty can be imposed on repeat offenders. He shared that if a drug user repents in front of the Judge and expresses his desire to come out of the clutches of this malaise then he/she is sent to de-addiction and rehabilitation centres.


He appealed students to say No to drugs in the very first instance and make health their “new high” in life and not drugs.

Dr. Rohit Sharma was felicitated by Maj. Gen. (Prof.) Nilendra Kumar, AVSM, VSM Director, Amity Law School, Noida.


Also present during the occasion were Mr. Sanjay Mehta- ACP, Mr. Ravi Joshi- Superintendent In charge and Mr. Pradeep Singh from (Delhi Zone) Narcotics Control Bureau.


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