Guest Lecture on “ Soft Skills for Hospitality Profession ”

Institute  Name: Amity School of Hospitality

Event Category :  Guest Lecture

Event Name :  Guest Lecture on “ Soft Skills for Hospitality Profession ”

Events Detail Guest Lecture (Interactivesession) was delivered by Mr. Timothy L. Marsh on 14/07/2015 for Hospitality students,3c continent& SAP (Students Abroad Program) students.

Mr.Marsh (Professor) AberystwyrhUniversity, Averystwyth, U.K. visited Amity School of Hospitality, Amity UniversityRajasthan.

During session students enquiredvarious queries from SAP & 3C Continent regarding following subjects:

-          Soft skills required for Hospitality Industry

-          Skills to handle Western Foreigners in Hotels

-          Climate conditions in western countries (UK,USA)

-          Education differences

-          Cultural differences

-          Daily/Monthly expenses in Abroad

-          Student life

-          Job opportunities

-          Immigration Rules & Regulations

Session was very fruitful forstudents and as well as for Guests. Students received various information by interacting withguests and guests also experienced the profitable session in terms ofgetting aware about the differences between the Indian students andWestern students.

Event Venue :  Block 5, ASH

Agenda/ Proceedings : To provide The platform forHospitality Students to interact with Foreign Lecturer hence studentswould be able to learn what soft skills are required to get Success in theIndustry and How to Handle White Guest in Hotels. 3c continent &SAP students were able to understand what things are important when youtravel to abroad and how to deal with the situations.

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