Industrial Visit at Akshay Patra (Quantity Food Kitchen)

Institute Name: Amity School of Hospitality

EventCategory :  Industrial Visit

EventName :  Industrial Visit at Akshay Patra (Quantity Food Kitchen)

Events Detail : Industrial Visit was organised for all semester students of ASH to “Akshay Patra” on 5-08-2015

Akshay Patra is Non Profit generating  organisation which works to produce the Quantity food for Government School Children. It serves food for 250000 students every day.

Students gained knowledge of the following:

Ø  Latest Technology Kitchen Equipments

Ø  Food Preparation with Hygienic Standards

Ø  Food Storage SOPs

Ø  Standard Operation Procedures to cook large quantity food (Temperature of cooking Heat, Water Measurements, Storage Temperature etc.)

Ø  Supply Equipments & Transportations

Ø  Akshay Kalewa ( Unlimited Food in only 5 Rs,) for Poor People in City

Ø  Food Quality Analysis

Ø  Food Recipes

Event Venue Akshay Patra, Jagat Pura, Jaipur

Agenda/ Proceedings : To provide The platform for Hospitality Students to explore the world’s largest quantity food kitchen which produces food for 250000 Government School Students with high class kitchen Equipments. It was great  experience to see those equipments which are unable to produce food in very large Quantity.

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