Eminent Professor Dr. Dinesh Goyal delivers lecture at Amity University

Dr. Dinesh Goyal,Professor, Department of Biotechnology & Executive Director, Science & Technology Entrepreneur’s Park,Thapar University, Patiala delivered a ASTIF lecture- 101  on “ Innovationsin Microbial Biotechnology” .The special lecture was organized by AmityScience, Technology and Innovation Foundation under the ASTIF lecture series atAmity University, Sector-125, Noida.

Dr. Goyal emphasized that Biotechnology has emerged as the next significantsector after information technology and is transforming every sector in theeconomy starting with agriculture, environment, food, pharmaceuticals andhealth care. Many more changes will be seen with the bio-economy entering intothe growth stage during the 2020s. Bio-economy will leave a definite impact onthe economy and biotechnology will slowly but surely spread into all othersectors not related to biology.

Dr. Goyal highlighted said that Academia, Industryand the Government Agencies have to play a vital role to work together tocreate employment, intellectual wealth, Expand entrepreneurial opportunities and Augment industrial growth in biotechnology and related sciences. Dr.Goyal elaborated the findings about the Agricultural microbial market is hugeand the key players in this market have developed a range of innovativeproducts to target specific crops needs. India is still to enter this domainwhich can be tapped by youngentrepreneurs for developinginnovative technologies and products and can be taken from “Lab to Land”.

He further discussed about various technologies and productsdeveloped by him and his team which has been applied on fields to increase theagricultural output.

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