Amity students pledge for zero tolerance towards crimes against women

Amity Business School, under Amity Human Value Year 2015,organized a street play “Dastak” by Asmita Theatre Group for the students atUniversity Campus, Sector-125, Noida.

Over 100 talented actors of the Group, clad in Black Kurtas,touched the heart of the students and faculty members within the first fewseconds of the play. The Actors beautifully outlined the journey of a smallgirl to womanhood and trials and tribulations she faces by society right fromfemale feticide to Rape, Dowry, Acid attack against women and various otherheinous crimes. The audience tried hard to control tears after watching whateveryday women face on roads, in schools, colleges, offices and even at home.

The Protagonist of the play, Shilpi Marwaha, averred thatcrimes against women cut across caste, class and profession. “A two year girlis equally vulnerable in Indian society as an old woman and if it’s clothes ofa woman that invite such perpetrators, than what about a year old femaleinfant? Is she to be blamed for her dressing sense, if something happens toher? Why women and her conduct is to be checked every time in such cases?” questionedthe protagonist emphatically. She called upon the men folk in the gathering tostop telling their wives, sisters and daughters how to conduct themselves, whatto wear and how to behave themselves instead try teaching their sons andbrothers to respect women around them.

She stressed that the play was not meant to entertain the audiencebut to shake them out of their slumber and make them realize that its notPolice or Government which could put an end to such heinous crimes againstwomen but the people who make the society; their sterling determination forabsolute non-tolerance for crime against women.

Dr. Sanjeev Bansal- Director, Amity Business School commended the power packed performance by the Group and stressedthat the play has ignited a spark in each and everyone present and called uponthe students to take a pledge to respect women and raise a voice againstanything wrong perpetrated against women around them.

The students and faculty members of Amity Business School gave astanding ovation to the heart touching performance of the Group.

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