AITEM organizes Expert Guest Lecture on ‘Digital India’

Amity Institute of Telecom Engineering & Management organized an expert  guest lecture for B.Tech –Electronics &Telecommunication Engineering,  MBA –Telecom Management and M.Tech ( TSE) students on ‘Digital India’ by Dr. Venkata C Majeti, Founder & CEO, Loment Inc. USA on 26th August 2015.

Dr. Venkata C. Majeti is the Founder and CEO of Loment Inc-USA, a growth stage company in Integrated Communications, Technologies and Mobile Value Added Services area. Dr. Majeti is a recipient of 19 U.S. and a few associated international patents.He started his career in AT&T Bell Laboratories and made significant in 5 ESS Switching Systems, Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN), Advanced Intelligent Networks (AIN), Digital Loop Carrier Systems, Cable Modem and Digital Subscriber Line broadband access technologies.   His current work includes (SMS, SMTP or email, HTTP and OTT) messaging systems, electronic and video surveillance, incident detection and management of extremely dense crowds.

Dr. Majeti has done his Ph.D. in Transportation Systems from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1988. 

Dr. Majeti was welcome by Lt Gen P D Bhargava, Deputy Group Vice Chancellor & Advisor AITEM.


Dr. Majeti gave a larger view of Digital India programme and highlighted some of the issues and challenges on technological and implementation side.

He explained the various terms used in the realm of broadband networks including access, aggregate and core network.


Towards the end, he called upon all students to form small thematic study groups and develop their knowledge and expertise in that area. He further,advised them to stay connected with him through e-mail and shall be more than happy to guide them, mentor them and allocate challenging projects to take it forward.

This was followed by Questions/answers session. The lecture evoked very good response from the faculty and the students and their was lot of interaction between the speaker and the students.

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