Artificial Intelligence film festival

Event Report of ArtificialIntelligence Film Festival

1-      Institute  Name: Amity School of Communication

2-       Event Category :  Film Festival

3-       Event Name :  Artificial Intelligence film festival

    4-       Events Detail :   

                     The two days Artificial Intelligence Film Festival at Amity University Rajasthan,began on an eventful note. The Chief Guests Emily White, Program Director of American Centre, American Embassy, The Pro Vice Chancellor,Amity University Jaipur, Prof S. L Kothari and cofounder of Cinedarbaar Supriya Suri inaugurated the film festival by lighting the lamp .  The American officer Emily white has praised Amity University for providing apt platform for aspirant film makers. In her speech she mentioned that jaipur was her first choice to host this festival because of its cultural heritage and Amity is known for supporting such activities. This is unique film festival happening in jaipur   After inaugural ceremony and before the screening of the movies, Bijoy Philip, a doctoral scholar at the Department of Cinema Studies, introduced the films and spoke about science fiction. The movies showcased during the first day were:  The Day the Earth stood still and  Star Wars. The enthusiastic students of Mass Communication and BA in Film & Tv  thoroughly enjoyed the movies and participated in the post movie quiz. The students were thrilled to get exciting prize by American embassy. The event closed with robotic demonstration by Bhuvaneshwar Mishra, managing director of Club First Techno Edu solutions. The second day started with the cult movie in Sci  Fi genre Blade Runner The film was much appreciated by students. The other movies screened on day two were Robocop and chappie.  The Director of Communication Department Dr Manish Verma thanked the esteemed guest specially Emily to give this opportunity to ASCO AUR. The event was coordinated by Avinash Tripathi, Assistant Professor ASCo and Media Incharge AUR.

      5-  Event Venue : Auditorium

      6-  Agenda/ Proceedings : To provide The platform for Mass Communications  Students to interact with Film expert, Watching Sci fi genre  


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