Professor Stephen G. Barnes The Pennsylvania State University visits Amity Law School Noida

Prof. Stephen G. Barnes, Assistant Dean for Graduate and International Programmes at Penn State Law, The Pennsylvania State University visited Amity Law School Noida and enlightened the students and faculty members with an extremely informative presentation and lecture on Judicial Review in the United States and the American Constitution.

Professor Barneswas accompanied by an alumnus of Amity Law School Noida, Rujuta Mohanty, who iscurrently pursuing LLM under Professor Barnes at the Pennsylvania StateUniversity.

Professor Barnes provided invaluable insight into the U.S. landmark judgments: Marbury Vs Madisson and United States Vs Richard Nixon, Judicial Review powers of the US Supreme Court and the separation of powers between the Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive

Major General Nilendra Kumar- Director, Amity Law School, Noida  and Professor Barnes shared a lot of common experiences and discussed the possibility of Student Exchange Programmes and Faculty Exchange Programmes, as well as further collaborations on research front between the two law schools.

Penn State Law University is keen to explore tie-up possibilities with Indian Law Institutes and Universities and Amity Law School Noida is the first law school they have visited in India and Professor Barnes expressed his extreme delight over visiting Amity Law School and interacting with the brilliant budding lawyers of the Institute during his brief visit.

More than hundred lawstudents, both from LLB and LLM attended the event and posed a volley ofquestions to the erudite speaker.

The event was successfullyorganized by Assistant Professor Ms.Mokshda Bhushan and  Law students -Faraz Khan and Asma Zaidi , ArvindAthithan, Suchita Tripathi, Shobhita and others

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