Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Science organises a Workshop “Jodo Gyan”

Amity Institute of Behavioral & Allied Science organised a Workshop “JodoGyan” at Amity University Campus,Sector-125, Noida which aimed at highlighting the innovative ways ofteaching Mathematics

The main theme of workshop was toupdate participants with innovative teaching practices of Mathematics. The Workshopfocused on the basic concepts of Mathematics and the resource persons- Ms. Pooja and Subhomita shared ways to toremove the phobia of mathematics amongst the school children by using ideasfrom Jodo Gyan.

Ms. Pooja and Subhomita used simpleteaching aids to highlight how and why children make common mistakes incalculations. They also conducted a discussion on how to deal with these commonmistakes. Some interesting games around the concept of place value, fractionand multiplication were also introduced which were thoroughly enjoyed by thestudents. The resource persons used ranometry, number cards and fraction kitfor engaging students in activities. It was an interactive workshop and basedon group work.

Over 40 students participated in theworkshop.


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