Workshop on ‘Road Safety and Alcohol Awareness Education’ organized at Amity

To raise awareness amongst youngsters on road safety issues, Amity University in association with ‘Institute of Road Traffic Education, College of Traffic Management’ conducted a Workshop on ‘Road Safety and Alcohol AwarenessEducation’ at Amity campus, sector 125, Noida.

The aim of the workshop was to enable participants to gain an understanding of the issues related to drunk driving and driving and the effect alcohol on body and brain.

Enlightening the participants on drunk-driving cases, Mr. Arun Pahwa, Trainer, Institute of Road Traffic Education said that drunken driving is one of the leading causes of road fatalities. He highlighted that earlier the age group of accidental cases for drunk driving were between 21 years to 35 years but over the period of time, the age has significantly dropped to 15 years of age.Sharing the statistics, Mr. Pahwa said, “In India, 1,41,526 people have died inroad accidents during 2014, out of which 7836 people died in road accidents due to drunk driving. Nearly 16,00,000 get injured in road accidents every year,”He emphasized that there are many false notions due to which youngsters start to drink at early ages including peer pressure, social acceptance, considering it as fun activity or to de-stress. He opined that lack of knowledge and awareness is responsible for drunk driving and road accidents. Enlightening the participants on Physiology of Alcohol, Mr. Pahwa said that alcohol is a drug which is being classified as a depressant as it slows down the functions of body. Elaborating further, he added that human liver metabolisms only 10 gms of alcohol in an hour which is equivalent to one peg. Mr. Pahwa apprised the participants that women are more affected after drinking as females have lowest water content hence feels the hit faster than others. In general, the less a person weight, the more he/she is affected. Mr. Pahwa called upon the students to be aware about road issues and live a responsible life for oneself and others. 

Addressing the gathering, Dr. (Prof.) Alka Munjal, Director, Academics, Amity University Uttar Pradesh  said, “The three main killers on the road are speed,failure to use seat belts and driving under the influence of alcohol. Hence,there is a need to educate people on road safety with a holistic approach.” She stressed that the aim of workshop was to create awareness about the risks involved in drunk driving, which poses a perpetual threats to the precious lives of the youth. She expressed her hope that the participants especially the young minds have cleared have understood the importance of responsible and careful driving and will also spread the message around.

During the workshop, key road safety techniques were highlighted and participants were provided with an insight into basic road rules. It also covered various aspects related to road safety, drink and driving and several tips were shared in an interesting way.

The workshop was attended by more than 200 students, faculty and staff members of Amity. 

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