Revolutionary Fly Ash Battery developed by the Scientists of Amity

In this high-tech era, batteries are in great demand as human dependency on batteries is increasing day by day. Although to a large extent, the Lithium Ion batteries have fulfilled this great need but they are highly toxic and expensive. To overcome the drawbacks of Lithium Ion batteries, Scientists at Amity University have developed environmental friendly and cost effective -Rechargeable Battery System from waste material. It is a novel ash and activated carbon based battery comprising of Aluminum anode, amorphous carbon with graphite as a cathode and ash.

M/s Welspun Energy Pvt. Ltd., Noida- the largest solar producer and one of the topthree companies in renewable energy sector of India, has licensed this revolutionary technology. It is a case of co-development andTechnology Transfer. The technology will be scaled –up under joint efforts of both the organizations.

Today,the Technology Transfer Agreement was signed between Mr. S L Kapur- President Engineering, Welspun Energy Limited and Dr. B L Arya- Registrar, Amity University in the presence of Dr. Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University, Dr. W Selvamurthy- President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation, Dr. Someshwer Dutt Sharma- Assistant Vice President-Solar Engineering, Welspun Energy Private Limited at Amity University,Sector-125, Noida.

Addressing the distinguished guests, Dr. Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University thanked them for reposing trust in Amity and its scientific prowess which has been reflected in more than 607 patents being filed during last few years by the scientific fraternity of Amity. He stressed that the need of the hour is thatthe Academia and Industry should work in sync with each other for the good of society. He stated that the association between Amity and Welspun Energy is a brilliant example where both Academia and Industry have come together,enriching each other to develop a revolutionary technology for the betterment of society. He expressed his hope to strengthen the relationship with Welspun in coming years.

Expressing his views during the momentous occasion, Mr. S L Kapur- President Engineering, Welspun Energy Private Limited presented a brief overview of Welspun Energy Private Limited and its mammoth contribution in generating solar power across the country. He appreciated the scientific fraternity of Amity for their exemplary R&D initiatives and the patents filed by them. He expressed his desire to deepen the association with Amity University in the area of Renewable energy- Wind and Solar Energy, Joint Industry Projects and Consultations.

Dwellingon the revolutionary technology, Dr. W Selvamurthy- President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation stated that Fly Ash Battery developed at Amity University is a revolutionary technology which could work continuously for 72 hours and generate 0.85 volt voltage and 100mA current density for a single cell. “It could be recharged with few drops of water and does not require any source of electricity. The array of batteries can be used to light a LED lamp and can also be developed to charge a mobile phone. The power output of ash battery can be adapted to the desired voltage current needed by proper integration”, added Dr. Selvamurthy.

Subsequently,the guests from M/s Welspun Energy Pvt.Ltd were shown a wide range of breakthrough inventions by the Scientists of Amity which were displayed including Silver Nano based Water Purifier, Herbal Mosquito Repellants and others

Also present during the event were Mr. Rahul Chandel- Deputy Manager- Solar Engineering, Welspun Energy Private Limited, Mr. Ravinder Singh- Assistant Manager, Solar Engineering,Welspun Energy Private Limited and Directors/Head of Institutions of Amity University along with the scientific fraternity.

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