Guest Lecture on ‘Quality Initiative in Teacher Education’

Amity Institute of Education, AUUP organized a Guest Lecture on Quality Initiativein Teacher Education with the focus on Two Year B Ed and M Ed programmes deliveredby Prof S C Panda, Academic Consultant, NCTE.

Delivering the lecture, Prof S C Panda said that the pilot studyfor the implementation of the Two Year Programmes was conducted in the fourRIEs. He emphasized that faculty and administration are important pillars foran effective implementation of the programme. He called upon the prospectiveteachers for transforming their knowledge competency to performance for betterresults. Elaborating further, Prof Panda underlined the shift of focus toLearning Points and Designing Learning and implored the student trainees toidentify the various learning threads to be successful in their profession. Hestressed that teaching being an art of social influence requires hard work,dedication commitment and competency. He emphasized on the need for autonomy ofteacher and also advocated a blend of Behaviouristic , Constructivist  and Cognitive approach, since it needs time tomake student trainees befit to teach two pedagogies and give due weightage tocurriculum and pedagogical studies, Prof Panda championedthe two year programmes.

During the lecture, participantsposed pertinent questions which were efficiently addressed by Prof S C Panda. 

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