“India needs specialized embryologists to help with fertility issues” avers Dr. M Gouri, Medical Director, RIDGE IVF Pvt. Ltd during MoU signing at Amity University

Tobridge an academia-industry linkage in reproductive medicine, Amity Universitysigned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with RIDGE IVF Pvt Ltd. atUniversity Campus , Sector 125, Noida.

TheMoU was signed by Ms. Rashmi Bhanot, CEO, Ridge IVF Pvt. Ltd. and Prof.(Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice-Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh in thepresence of Dr. Chander Prakash, Managing Director; Dr. M Gouri, MedicalDirector, RIDGE IVF Pvt. Ltd; Dr. Geeta Goswami , Senior Director , RIDGE IVFPvt. Ltd; Dr. W Selvamurthy, President( Amity Science, Technology &Innovation Foundation) and other distinguished scientists from AmityUniversity

The broad areas of cooperation covered inthe MoU would be the researches on effects ofenvironmental pollutants on female/male infertility, Effect of oxidative stresson survival of ex situ-fertilized embryos and their success in IVF, Developmentof biomarkers for genetic stability of fresh ex situ-fertilized embryos andfollowing cryopreservation, Availability of cryo-preserved human embryos forresearch and Meta-analysis of existing clinical data available with Ridge IVF.Also, courses will be conducted in Clinical Embryology at AmityUniversity with active collaboration with Ridge IVF clinic. Internship as wellas clinical data analysis, training for students pursuing Masters in PublicHealth at Amity University will also be provided.


Speaking on theoccasion, Dr. Chander Prakash said “Infertility is growing at alarmingrate amongst couples due to various reasons which has resulted in need of morefertility experts. In order to provide better and effective treatment from thedisease, extensive research plays an important role which can only be possiblethrough academic-industry linkage.” He apprised that genetics has a vital roleto play in life sciences and it is linked with everything including theunderstanding of diseases in humans.  Dr. Prakash opined that with thescientific advancements there is a great demand for medical geneticistsproviding ample career opportunity.


Addressing thegathering, Dr. M Gouri said that the IVF industry in India is ona growth path. However, the industry lacks the required number of reproductivespecialists as not many institutes in India provide the specialized degreecourses. She outlined that Clinician and Embryologists are the two main personsfor the IVF procedure and due to the paucity of skilled IVF specialists andembryologists in India, hence such collaboration between IVF specialized centersand educational institutions will help meet the growing demand. 

Sharing his viewson Infertility, Dr. Balvinder Shukla said that Infertility is growing atan alarming pace, especially in metro cities. Highlighting the causes, sheadded that hormonal imbalance, problem in reproductive system, pollution,lifestyle choices, delay in pregnancy, illness etc are few major causes ofinfertility. She stressed that the MoU between two leading institutions willlead to strong Academic and Research collaboration which will aid in findingnew and effective treatments for fertility. 

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